A Early Sign of Spring


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that is not a good sign. the weather we are having here is freaky warm. so fat, buds are not swelling though or no bulbs poking but i have seen it happen in jan


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Somewhere in TN
saw some in our backyard as well last week. Grass is greening up here and could stand to be mowed in some places. Like was said above, it bothers me.


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Chesapeake VA
Some Cherry trees are blooming here. I kid you not!

Richard Martin

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Greenville, NC
That's okay. Here in a couple of days those daffodiles are going to wish they hadn't sprouted up yet. I'm not that far from you and it's not unusual for the daffodils to bloom and flower in December around here.


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grass keeps growing here. but its WAY to wet to mow it. i think mother nature forgot about winter.


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Checked the weather in CT and we are getting 45F-50F weather for another week. I got my plow all set up from October from the snow that we had a few days before Halloween. The only good thing I see is it weeds out the people that snow plow and may hurt some of the people that mow.


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yeah we had a few cold days....maybe 2 so far....it was 65 degrees today...jan 1....it's weird...last year it had snowed already by this time lol...wonder if it will be one of those years where it's still cold in march? we had a blizzard once down here in late march/early april back in 1993.


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Charlotte, NC
I had a lady tell me I fertilized he property wrong bc her forsythia was popping blooms, cherrys blossoming, tulips coming up, and dafoldills popping up. I explained to her it was the weather and she understood. One plus side however is that I have never had such a strong stand of fescue from complete renos this time of year. The roots are awesome! Hopefully it will be beneficial if nest summer is dry
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