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    There once was a fraternity house. It was owned by the brothers of the house. They paid dues. They all went through the process to be a member, and only entered the house when invited by the fraternity as a whole. Membership was open to those who agreed to abide by the frat rules and who approved of the fraternity's goals and way of doing things. They fulfilled their obligations to the house by maintaining it, respecting it, and defending it. They actually liked the other brothers and the idea of what the fraternity stood for. The brothers were given the right to vote on who could pledge the frat in the future and become a member.

    Then one weekend, one of the brothers invited some of his friends to come to a party. He wanted to have his friends around to talk him up to the pretty girls at the party and make things easier for him when it came to competing with the other members for dates. Without them, he wasn't able to compete well enough to find dates. He saw this tactic as a way to beat the other fraternity brothers at the game of getting dates. But hey, no problem. They were, after all, invited guests. Sure, they had a few free beers, but hey, there was plenty to go around and the cost was absorbed by the other brothers of the house, so it was no big deal. And besides, if they started misbehaving, you could just walk to another area of the party and ignore them.

    The next weekend, however, he invited even more of his friends over, and before an hour had passed, the beer keg was empty, the chips were gone, and these friends of his were even harrassing some of the women at the party with catcalls. It was beginning to become something of a problem. But nobody was willing to stop them because they always hung in packs of 3 or 4 at least and would intimidate anyone who tried to stop the rude behavior. Anyway, the fraternity had a history of welcoming newcomers, and all the members were at one time in the past new visitors to the house themselves, so they grumbled, but didn't say anything. Mostly for fear of being labled "anti visitor". The fraternity NEEDED new visitors afterall, to keep it strong and alive in the future.

    The next weekend it really got crazy. The friends of this fraternity brother had invited THEIR friends to come enjoy the festivities and beer and food. Yet none of them were paying for it. The beer and food was provided in the idea that it would help attract quality new pledges to the frat. But none of them even wanted to be a fraternity member! They were just there for the free beer and food. Sure, they were happy to talk up the insecure fraternity brother so he wouldn't ask them to leave, but that was a small price to pay for free beer, food, and women. Some of them even openly despised what the fraternity stood for, and formed cliques of their own where the fraternity members were obviously not welcome.

    By week four other brothers in the house had caught onto this guys' scam for getting girls, and invited friends of their own to talk them up to the women there and make them seem better than they were. They again did what little was requested of them, performing a valuable service to the brother who invited them, but to everyone else they were really just stealing the beer and food, bothering the women, and generally ruining the party.

    Some of the new visitors to the house were criminals. Some of them sneaked upstairs to grab items from the other brothers' rooms. Others hated the fraternity and everything it stood for, but couldn't pass up the chance for free beer. They certainly weren't going to pay dues or defend the house or help spruce up the lawn. They were just there for the beer. The minute the beer ran out, they were out of there.

    By week five there was only enough in the treasury from dues-paying members for a pony keg. Why? Because some of the visitors had damaged the house and stolen things that had to be replaced, thus reducing the beer fund that week. With so many attendees , after 10 minutes the beer was gone and fights were breaking out amongst the newcomers and themselves and even the newcomers and brothers. Apparently some of the visitors hated "frat boys" and wanted trouble.

    Finally, one of the brothers who had seen his room ransacked, his girlfriend groped, and his good times spoiled once to often politely asked that maybe the visitors should be asked to leave and not come back unless a majority of the brothers wanted them there.

    He was of course immediately condemned as being "inhospitable". The minority of brothers who had invited the visitors to the parties knew they would get zero dates w/o these guys around to help them out, so they condemed him the loudest. They went to the President of the fraternity, a bottle of triple malt scotch in hand as a "gift", and convinced him that a "diverse" fraternity party was somehow magically better than one composed only of frat brothers and women. And since the President loved triple malt scotch more than life itself, they got their way. He answered complaints from the other brothers with doublespeak about how much fun the visitors were, how much they needed visitors to survive, and that the costs of the visitors were exceeded by their benefits. When the suffering brothers asked the brothers who invited the guests to help things out by not inviting them again, they flew into a rage, denouncing the others as anti-guest and "unable to compete for girls in the new way"

    Eventually, the fraternity could not get respectable dues-paying new members. Why? Because membership required paying dues and abiding by their code of conduct. And with free beer and food available as a non-member, why bother with that?

    One day, the visitors realized that they themselves could use some dates too! They thought about it and at the next party, suddenly, they weren't working for the brothers who had invited them. Instead, they told the girls the brothers were losers and that instead they should date only visitors! They got all the girls because they were willing to take them on fancier dates in return for less sex than frat brothers were used to doing historically. It's not like the frat brothers COULDN'T do this, but they were not going to be happy like their fathers and grandfathers were if they had to go on 120 fancy dates before getting some.

    By the end of the school year the fraternity was deep in debt, the house was a shambles, totally univited guests were LIVING in the house without permission, the girls were gone, the beer was gone, and the visitors were now demanding a breakfast buffet be provided for them the mornings after parties.

    Nobody who wanted to join a nice fraternity would even come there. The place wasn't worth being a member of anymore. In fact, in resembled very closely the run down "3rd sector" dorms that the visitors lived in. Run down, crime ridden, corrupt, and uninviting. Finally, the frat totally disbanded and there was no fraternity at all anymore. It was basically just another run down dorm, just like all the other "3rd sector" dorms. Eventually nobody even remembered why there had been a fraternity and what had made it special and fun.

    What happened to the frat brothers after college? They moved into private homes in gated communities funded by their wise investment in lawncare companies staffed by immigrants working for 1/2 the prevailing wage.

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    nope to long for me to read....i had ADD as a child
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    Must be a Livonia thing ..

    I, too, won't read it. Too long. I have undiagnosed ADD, though.

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    Staffed by "immigrants" working for 1/2 the prevailing wage.


    And I bet those immigrants were happy to do this, they found their better life over here in the states. This is what they wanted.........they had a choice.

    Is this story/fable a way to sympathize with illegal immigrants or immigrants that make choices to come to America and "do the work nobody else will"? Personally ............. those living in gated communities using this type labor are doing THEM A FAVOR. They now have clean drinking water, opportunities that they never would have had before, if they deliver a child in this country the child gets all the benefits that your children and mine will get..........and most of all they still have a choice. I'm not that sympathetic, I don't use immigrants illegal or legal....not yet anyway. I'll be quite frank with anybody..........the sooner we get the National Guard down there to "guard" our borders the better off this country will be.

    No sympathy here.........they accept the terms and go to work......good for the employer. It's already common knowledge they're here and some Governors want to give them drivers licenses just so they can vote.......wow........and now they want to use their freedom of speech to protest???? What freedom of speech...........your here illegally.......go back to "your" house and hoop and holler all you want....not here, you haven't earned that right.
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    i agree with the last . while i want all peoples to have as good a life as possible. this fraternity took a lot of building to make it what it was.
    it can only stand if each one who benefits from the frat,, does his part to make the frat be what it is. a place where each can benefit from having built and maintained it.. but im afraid its a bit late,, to close the frat door.jmo
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    This story kinda reminds of a recent episode of Judge Judy. A woman had hauled a illegal alien into court for failure to pay child support. She was on welfare and had given birth on the states money. The illegal alien didn't deny his responsibility. Judge Judy asked him where he worked and he replied "Me do construction". When it became apparent to Judge Judy that the illegal alien wasn't going to tell who he worked for she asked him about paying taxes. His reply.

    "Me no pay taxes"
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    Judge Judy? Who the He#$ Has time to watch a crazy judge that is on TV?
    If he was ilegal send him home, Regardless who he owes.
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    bruce32, inspired by the 'spanish lco' thread? Kind of a circle thing, 'eh?
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    This was just something to try to provoke some thought and discussion about the current conditions and where the industry is headed long term. Editing it for length takes 3 times as long as it does to just ramble it off. Until I'm getting paid for it, I'll have to skip the editing phase.

    For those who aren't good at reading between the lines, my point was that we'd all be insanely angry if someone walked into our home, opened the fridge, and made a sandwich because our neighbor asked them to do so and bring him a sandwich too. He benefits, the intruder benefits, but do we? Yet when it's done on a macro level, it's seen as some sort of benefit to our society when reams of data, common sense, and history itself have shown that is most certainly is not.

    I happen to think that this is a slightly more important concept for the future of the lawncare industry than our discussions on which engine has more torque or complaining about cheap old ladies.
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    good story and point...too long to write for me though

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