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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by DavidNJ, Dec 31, 2010.

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    The Toro Dingo is available in 5 models. One is a smaller 13hp tracked model. The others are a 27hp gas or 25hp diesel with a narrow (6" wide) track or wider (9" wide track). The diesel has more torque if the engine bogs. The wider track reduced surface pressure on soft or vulnerable surfaces but is 40" wide vs. 35" wide. Then there are two wheeled models, one with slightly more power (23hp vs 20hp) and all 4 wheels powered. The wheeled models are very short, 62" vs. 92" for the tracked models. Without the bucket it is only 41" long.

    Bobcat seems to make two models similar to the narrow track models: the MT52 and MT55.


    1) Does anyone else make a direct competitor?

    2) Does the Bobcat and other competitors use the same mounting mechanism?

    3) Where and/or for what tasks would the wheeled versions be inappropriate? They seem both less expensive and easier to store.
  2. mslawn

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    Here is my boy. And as for the tracks, you can hit a lever and it goes to 35 wide for gates and then if you want em 44" wide it will push em out, the tracks are 9" wide. Check out the boxers, I love mine. Mine is a 530x with a 30hp Kohler. The diesel model, 532dx is the king of the spec sheet. Oh yeah and Bobcat has their own attachment plate. Boxer, dingo, are universal.

  3. MR-G

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    I have a mini loader for sale...equal to the smaller dingo....it has tracks, bucket and forks it will run all dingo attatchments and has aux. pto couplers (fwd & rev.) if you would like pics and more info e mail me at CLAWNSERVICES@BELLSOUTH.NET im asking 3k... to answer your question the tracks are the way to go..way less turf damage and a way lighter footprint..we have had both and like the tracks much better..only reason im selling it is im getting out of the installation part of the biz....
  4. fl-landscapes

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  5. tallrick

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    Impressive little machine!
  6. DavidNJ

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    I see the Boxer is popular and covers the Dingo line, with some models being less powerful and some being more powerful.

    There are some other threads that add Ditchwitch, Vermeer, Powerhouse.

    A wider 9" track to reduce surface pressure on soft or vulnerable services. The Boxer seems to increase its widith for stability. There are threads where people recommend the 9" tracks for that reason. Most units, judging from the used listings, are narrow tracks. It would be great to hear from someone who has experience with both.

    The tracks and tires seem to come in an agricultural/dirt pattern and a turf pattern. Isn't the aggressive agricultural pattern always rough turf?

    The wheeled Dingos are smaller, which is good for me because of storage issues. However, the Boxer and Ditchwitch wheeled units are the same size as the track units and I wonder if they work as well. There is a thread where someone considered both and bought the wheeled Boxer. Again, it would be great to hear from some one who has used both.

    There is a thread where someone demo'd a diesel Dingo 525 and gas 427 with a Harley power rake. The gas bogged down. Since an Aeravator DO40 and power rake/soil cultivator are both tools considered key for this investment; the self-propelled versions cost alot and the tractor setups are large and expensive.

    This tread has lots of comments: http://www.lawnsite.com/showthread.php?t=235387&highlight=vermeer+bobcat+dingo+boxer
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    Ditch Witch SK650--wide tracks, and tons of power.
  8. Patriot Services

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    This is what I need to trade my old bobcat in on. With developers thinking 8ft spacing between houses and 36" gates are good ideas. The bobcat is just too big. Never thought I would say that. What was your out the door price?
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  9. mslawn

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    I found this one used beginning of last year, 500~ish hrs, gave 10000.00 with bucket. It is in great shape.
  10. DavidNJ

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    Question: if most full size skid steers are wheeled, why do most mini's appear to be tracked?

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