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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by EA Quinn, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. grassman177

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    i especially like the lake house job, very well done
  2. FinerCutslawnCare

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    I can honestly say I think this is by far the most amazing, professional and neatest hardscapes I have seen on lawnsite. Where did you go to school at and what all classes did you take? Do you do the design work yourself or do you have someone at the office do it?
  3. EA Quinn

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    Thank you for the kind words. I can't take all the credit for this work. We have an extremely talented staff. We are a medium sized company of about 35 people. It takes a lot of planning, implementation and patience when completing projects likes this. We do have an in house designer. It really takes skill on everybodies part right from the office staff, to the maintenance crews to complete projects like this and maintain them correctly afterwards.
  4. Jelinek61

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    Really nice work. That lake front property with the pond and bridge is really nice. The "perfect lawn" job looks kinda like a minature football field with a track around it. haha

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