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    Hi PJ,
    I'm still enjoying my new FasTrack 21/54, but a few more questions:

    1.) While I was installing the hour meter, I noticed another cutout in the panel. Do you know what it's for?

    2.) In the owners manual in the directions for changing the Hydro unit filters, it says that purging procedures should follow installation of a new filter. Can you send me this purging procedure?

    3.) I've not seen mention of one, but does Hustler offer a fluid cooler for the Hydor drives?

    4.) With both handles full forward, my mower goes slightly left. How can I adjust it so that it goes straight.

    5.) Do you have a 12VDC outlet kit for these?

    Sorry for all the questions, but you know how it is with new owners:dizzy:

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    1) it would be for other applications we use that same dash panel in, liquid cooled units have a extra light and audible alert unit mounted in the dash.

    2) this is explained in detail in the maintenance section of the parts manual, you can download the manual here > http://www.hustlerturfequipment.com/Manual/manuals pdfs/Parts Manuals/108277.pdf

    3) no, there is not one made that I am aware of from hydro gear and we don't make one, its not needed.

    4) wait until you have 10 hours on the unit, then adjust the drive linkage to straighten out the tracking, this also is in the manual I mentioned above.

    5) No.
  3. hatetomow

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    Thank you!:clapping:

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