A few more water features from this year.

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by tdmill2, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. CJF

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    Really beautiful, the stone placement and the landscaping are outstanding.
  2. AztlanLC

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  3. pitrack

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    Where do you place the lights in the first pic? I love the look who the water looks like it's glowing. Is is behind where the water is in mid air?
  4. Utahlandscaping

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    Good stuff! More people should use landscape lighting in their water features.
  5. pitrack

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    Hate to bring this up from the dead, all the pics looks great. Just curious in that last picture how you got the rocks to be covered with so much moss? Did the stones come like that or is there something that you pour on them to increase the amount of moss growth? I have actually heard of puring beer on certain things to help moss growth, but I have no idea if that works or not.
  6. Twitchy

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    Ive heard milk or buttermilk works, never tried it though.
  7. tdmill2

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    Thanks for your nice comments.

    I always start moss by transplanting a few small pieces onto Boulders within the feature that stay damp from waterfall spray.

    Usually, it spreads like wildfire. It all really depends on the enviroment though.


  8. pitrack

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    Thank you for the info, I will try that next time.
  9. STL Ponds and Waterfalls

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    Exactly! Try to get it as much shade as possible by using plants or if you have to make some type of artificial shade structure just to get it established. Watch the sun and see if it will work or your just spinning your wheels.
  10. JDUtah

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    Sorry to bring this one up again, but about growing moss, how much sunlight (direct and indirect) is good? How much is bad?

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