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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by allstar, May 23, 2004.

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    I would like to put a striper on one of my mowers,learn how to do it well,then take some photos to use in a flyer to market my business.I have 4 mowers:JD LT150,JD GX325,Exmark Lazer Z and a 48" Wright Sentar along with a small WB(21").Yesterday I went into the local JD dealership and the guys there said John Deere doesn't make anything like that?Is this right?I did a search here and a couple of the guys mentioned a striping kit for the JD 757.Anyway,could some of you answer these questions?
    1.)What types of grasses stripe the best?Over 95% of my customers have either centipede or zoysia grass.
    2.)Which,if any,of my mowers could be most easily fitted with a striper?
    Wouldn't it be easier to stripe with a relatively small WB mower?If so,what kind?Thanks for the help. Jim
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    This is the best i can do in centipede with my stock dixie.

    caudweel 1.jpg
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    northern grasses stripe best, fescue, kbg, etc...

    our southern grasses will stripe but it's not nearly as prominent.

    check out the eric elm post and follow those links. you can build a kit out of a variety of things, this is what used to be done before all of the rollers were being built widely.

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