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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by smallstripesnc, Mar 24, 2012.

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    QUESTION ONE: I just got a used Scag 36 inch walk behind. It has a Kohler 12.5HP engine and I have to say I'm VERY impressed! Even with super dull blades it cut some super high grass with no bogging or anything! What type of blades should I run on this unit? I do not have a mulching kit and plan to just side discharge but want a blade that has lift and will shred the clippings. I've heard the G6 is an option but may be too heavy of a blade. Any recommendations?

    QUESTION TWO: What do you do when you get too busy? At this time I seem to be able to handle 6 properties a day solo. Traffic and driving time is killing me from doing more. I keep getting many calls daily and just can't handle this much business. What do I do? Hire an employee? Stop taking new clients and focus on quality?

    QUESTION THREE: What height do you guys normally cut at this time of the year? I mainly cut fescue. My new walk behind is set all the way up but there's a ton of blade spacers so I think I'm cutting right around three inches at this time. Before with the timemaster I was cutting at 3.5 and it seems my high end clients were happy but the clients that didn't have that great of grass complained and say I'm cutting way too high.

    Thanks for the advice ahead of time!
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    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks! It seems a lot of the people who complain about cutting too high seem to have weedy lawns or they try to tell me if I cut it lower it won't need it the next week but I try and explain this time of the year grass grows like crazy and even if I cut it to the dirty it'll still need to be cut except the grass will die off (unless a warm season grass) and then the lawn will be nothing but weeds!
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    Q #1- G6 should be fine, from spring to fall I run high lift blades(bluegrass and fescue here) dispersion is key

    Q #2- As stated above condense your route if possible. Hiring someone is two fold. It is costly for you and you could find yourself not having enough work for the both of you. On the other hand you have to decide where you want to be size wise. If you are comfortable and feel you are capable of quality work and volume stay solo, if not a second person is ideal.

    Q#3- 3" is fine
  5. smallstripesnc

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    I definitely need to tighten up my route. I'm all scattered right now and have a few that are close to each other.

    How many should I be able to do a day solo (average size 1/4-1/3 acre lots or so) ? I can get about 5 or 6 right now. It seems I always spend a ton of time edging making it perfect. I use a line trimmer for this and I always like to make sure everything looks perfect.
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    I would say average of ten a day. It will be harder with a 36" as apposed to a 48 or 52". The biggest key is being efficient.

    I always try to begin with the farthest out and work my way back. Learn all roads to the property avoid traffic as much as possible that will save you some time. Providing quality service is priorty one. But you have to be efficient too and sometimes that is hard. Remember time is money.

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