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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by PennyhillLawn, Apr 11, 2006.

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    2nd year in buisness and starting to get into fertilizing and weed control. i have been kinda fertilizing a few of my lawns but i didnt really know what i was doing and i was afraid to put down all 5 applications because of our lack of rain last year (north east reigion). so this year i decided to get my license and learn a little about what i am doing so i took the class that my state offers and i really learned alot so far. ... anyway what do you guys charge and what kind of services do you offer, i think i want stick with lesco products and do the 5 step program and then offer spraying for broadleafs in lawn and spraying for weeds in cracks of sidewalks with round up. does that sound about right? i was told to charge $.01 per square foot but that seems high cause i just go an advertisement from lawn doctor that said $25 for up to 5000 sq feet. and im not sure what to charge for the spraying.
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    keep your prices higher than companies like you mentioned and sell quality! learn as much as you can, take your time and do the job right. the big companies that are low-balling prices make their $ on volume so their applicators have to rush around all day long to meet their quota and get their weekly bonus so quality takes a backseat! you cant do a lawn for $25 the right way and stay in business.
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    Well said indy, well said indeed!
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    Different areas can tolerate prices differently. I charge $4/k sq ft with a $35 minimum, and I'm slightly higher than my local competitors. There was another thread discussing prices, and some guys were getting upwards of $7/k, while others were lusting after my $4. Depends on the local market, I guess.
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    Pricing does vary a great deal, here's what I do. I have a base price of $42, that covers up to 6k feet of lawn then I charge between $4 & $5/k after depending on how tricky the lawn will be and how well it is otherwise maintained. I have found that poorly watered and mowed lawns tend to have a lot more weeds and are more needy.
    Hope this helps.

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