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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by snmhanson, Jul 14, 2006.

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    I have a few random questions I was hoping someone could help me with.

    1) A few of my rotor sprinkler heads have tilted to the side and don't cover their full area now. I can kind of dig around them a little and get them pointing vertical again but I am afraid they will just end up tilting to the side again. Is there a good way to keep them from tilting like that? I was thinking of just driving a small stake or wedge down next to them on the side they are tilting towards to keep them in place. Any other ideas?

    2) Related to number one but different, some of my heads have sunk down quite a ways (presumably from being run over by the tractor) and now are a little too low which is messing up the spray pattern. I can dig around them a little and pull them up but unless I do something to keep them from sinking down again I think they will just go back down the next time I run them over. I was thinking of digging the low ones up and putting a few inches of gravel below them but I'm not even sure that would keep them from sinking. Any suggestions here?

    3) I am starting to collect various bamboo species which I am keeping in moderate sized planters. They are not growing that large though and I think the roots just don't have enough room to spread out. Does anyone have any ideas of something I could use as a larger planter that will still keep them contained while allowing them to grow and also is not too expensive? Eventually I want to build a large raised planting bed for all of my bamboo but that is after I get all of my other project done.

    4) Finally, any good ideas on how to keep deer away from my rose bushes? They don't get into the that often but when they do they make a mess. The rose bushes are only about ten feet away from the house but our deer don't seem to be scared of too much, even my border collie barking and running towards them doesn't phase them anymore. They already took out a bunch of maple trees that I planted, if they destroy my rose bushes I will probably just start shooting them.

    Thanks for any help anyone can offer on any of the above issues.

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    1.Dig all the way around the head down to the PVC pipe.Then follow the pipe about 3-4 feet so you can make it deeper without putting stress or bending it(kinda make a down hill slope for it).Pack it good so it wont lean.Make sure if you have sod to cut it out so you can replace it neatly and all the dirt you dig up put on a tarp.Doing that will make it look like it wasnt never touched.

    2.See #1^^ but pack dirt(or rocks like you stated) underneath the PVC pipe and head.Instead of a downward hill make an upward hill.

    3.Not sure

    4.Not sure

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