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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by born2farm, Jan 29, 2008.

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    hello guys,

    well i have been posting alot of questions lately so please excuse me. im gonna try and get all of my questions out there in one post so here it goes.

    heres my situation (alot of you prolly know but it puts it in perspective)

    Im 15 years old and have been mowing for the past 2 years. Im just starting to get into it as a full time job. This year I wont have my license but have quite a bit of equipment that should get me by. Here is my linup..JOHN DEERE LX176 38" DECK, TROY BUILT 21" PUSH MOWER, WEED EATER STRING TRIMMER, WEED EATER BLOWER, LAWN AND COUNTRY WAGON, AGRI FAB LEAF VAC WITH MANY HAND TOOLS TO GO WITH THEM.


    1. IS THERE ANY GOOD WAY FOR ME TO GET MORE CUSTOMERS THIS YEAR? last year I had 6 accounts that i mowed all year and hope all of them will stick with me this year. I hope to get around 10 lanwns for this year and then look for more next year when I have a trailer and truck and WB.

    2. right now all my customers just know me as GOODMAN LAWNCARE..i got thinking maybe a catchier name would help, somethng like NEIGHBER BOY LAWN CARE or somethng.

    thnk thats it for now,

    thanks in advance
  2. MOTES

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    Not sure if you're joking with the business name, but I'll keep it as Goodman Lawncare. It's sound more professical. As far for getting customers, you should keep working your way up in your neighborhood without a truck. Sound like you're doing pretty good if you got 6 yards with all you got, but you should able to get more if there's more property around you. Good luck.
  3. born2farm

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    ya i thnk im sticking with goodman too..neighbor boy sounded catchier but is childish. right now im plannin on sending letters to all of my old customers to make sure there interested in me then i thnk im gonna mail out 15-20 filers to other houses on my street. that sound good?

    thanks for you help

    WHITESLAWNCARE LawnSite Member
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    try to do a referral system, put it on the flyer u are going to send, say if they tell some one in the neighborhood and you get work because of it u will give them a good price or a deal what ever is good for u .....etc so on and so forth.
    As far as walking around the neighbor hood that is great i started like that, but u want people to know u are serious and not going any where. I see kids all the time doing that but most of the time never come back on a regular basis
    word of mouth is the best advertisment

    PS insurance is a must*** keep up the great work
  5. PlatinumLandCon

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    Goodman sounds great even if it wasn't your last name. IMO, thats a great last name for business. My last name is Brown so that doesn't really seem attractive for lawns lol.
  6. Grits

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    That would be funny as heck.......Brown Lawn Service.

    WHITESLAWNCARE LawnSite Member
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    ya some people think that my name is a race oriented name but it is not at all, last name happens to be white. and if i see another truck that says professional lawn care or green whatever I'm gonna lose it. i would assume u are professional if u are in business, no need to say so and as for green i know we are in the green industry but it is played out bad.
  8. born2farm

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    thanks for the ideas. as far as insurance how do i go about getting insurence if im only 15?

    WHITESLAWNCARE LawnSite Member
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    well u got me their call and obtain some info from the insurance company if anything. As long as u know u cant go for ever with out it. there are still people that have been doing this for years with out insurance. not recommend, don't think that u will necessarily need it right now but if a rock goes through some ones window u will pay out of pocket. when u start driving its a must have. some places will insure your truck and company all at once, shop around see what your options are for the future. when it comes time you will be well educated
  10. born2farm

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    ya right now i know i cant get insurance. i have a good enough relationship with my customers that they know i dont have insurance but that i will cover what ever damage i do. im deffinitly not goin on forever without it.

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