A few thoughts for you new guys from someone who was in your shoes

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by VAMower, May 13, 2010.

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    I'm glad some folks are finding this helpful. It can be tough enough to switch from a solo operation to one with multiple crews. Customers can make the switch that much more difficult if they don't see you there ever time the lawn is mowed. Setting the proper expectations with the customer upfront will reduce a lot of headaches.
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    Thanks VAMower! Very helpful post! I find this type of info to be of great value. Look forward to more posts and perspectives.
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    Good post! Thanks for the info.
  4. VAMower

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    Again, I'm glad yall are finding this helpful. A have talked to a lot of guys who have gotten into this industry and they lacked a business plan and ended up lowballing lawns to get business. They lacked insurance and a business license. They weren't able to grow to a point where they could sustain themselves because they were trying to be the cheapest guy on the block. I'm not railing against lowballers here just folks that lacked a plan and didn't want to start an actual business. Please throw out any questions you might have.
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    Exelent post VAMower

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