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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by adforester, Jun 4, 2011.

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    Hello everyone,
    I was asked to give a client an estimate for a stone wall. I have done masonry for almost 10 yrs now but mostly worked for companies but just started up my own.
    Anyways when people talk a price per square foot of wall does that include materials and help and a good base? The wall is 75 ft long and would like to be 2 ft tall at least. What would your price be? And i;m unsure of what type of base to put, should I do a mortar joint? capstones? I was thinking price might be 14,000. Not sure how much stone I would need. does a price by the sq ft include cap and backside of wall or just a face foot? any help and opinions would be appreciated'

    I have been working on walls with materials supplied for 25 dollars a face footm one sided walls.
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    Why $93.30 a square foot? How did you arrive here? You can answer your own question because you have thought it out already to arrive here. People ask questions like this all the time here but it is way too hard for us all to consider all the details of the site/client/expectations/material/experience/overhead/time to site/etc... to truly help each other. And just starting up you have a new monthly overhead now that you are licesned/bonded/insured.

    Is this wet work or dry? Always caps/cover course! It looks great and has a function. With low walls like this, you will feel like you should have charged two fold for it a week into it with you sore back!

    I work with stone regularly that cost $400 a ton, 12 square feet per.... equals $33 per square foot for material cost. I would charge for face/cap/foundation square footage. It sounds fair.... but your competition may be hungrier! Good luck, make it pretty, and post an image when you are done.
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    A price is always for a turnkey job. So yes, that includes cap, drainage, turf restoration, footings, etc.

    But if you done this for 10 yrs - and you;re unsure about all the things you stated you're unsure about - I can't help but wonder what you did in those 10 years, what did you use for base, etc., then???


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