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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mack, Aug 26, 2002.

  1. Mack

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    Showed up to mow my customer on time and as always start in the back yard and you know how you start just something was different. So I started mowing and was about 10 min into it when I smelled something and turned around and found 15 cattle coming through the yard (residencal area). I thought what should I do. I stop and turn the mower off and wait. They stop and eat the flowers and hostas. A cop shows up (does not look old enough to drive the car) he ask me what he should do. I said shoot one and we can have steaks on the grill. He did not like that, so the cowes decided to leave and I got to finish the yard. Has anyone had a story like and anything like this happen to them.
  2. 65hoss

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    UHHHH, nope can't say I've ever had cows come thru a gate were I'm cutting...

    On second thought, what was that woman's name? :D
  3. rodfather

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    I'm ROTF and LMAO...good one...that was great!!!

    BTW, remind me not to move to your area...i guess the police are a little "slow at the switch".
  4. Were you set up to mulch? MMMMM Hamburger
  5. DanaMac

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    I've been startled by deer but no cows. Last summer we showed up at a home to work on the irrigation. Walked to the side of the house with the valves, and a deer was lieing there. After further checking her out (not close though), there were 2 brand new fawns. She had just given birth. I had my camera and took a few pics. The babies were probably 15-30 minutes old. Pretty cool.
  6. Dstosh

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    I havent had this happen in a customers yard but it has happened in my own yard. I crazy hillbilly farmer(i use that term loosely, very Loosely) Doesnt keep his cows fenced in very well. None the less he doesnt feed them so they are starved and looking for food. This has become a annual occurance, every year about fall time. The cops dont do anything because this guy is so crazy he has shot at them so they are scared to go near or on his property. Yeah its definitly an experence..lol
  7. bubble boy

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    hey mack-be glad you aren't adding this post to the what have you run over thread:eek:

    i love the thought of the cop asking you for advice.
  8. awm

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    i got a great neighbor down the rd a bit. he has cows,and yep they get out sometime ,and get my wifes flowers.
    now u want to see something funny
    its me trying to keep my wife from finding my guns. she knows my hiding places.
    i tell her its just pt o country life.i went to charlotte to find her.
    :) any thing i ask that man to help me with, hed be rite there.
    aint nothin quicker to raise the heart rate than to step out side early morning.
    ole sue moo, big as a grizzly bear,
    and if u aint expecting it,it ll give u a start.
    u dont need any coffee after that.:)
  9. 1grnlwn

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    Cows=Compaction Time to Aerate! Lets get back to business guys! LOL

  10. Toatlandscape

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    Have never run across a cow but I do ocassionally come across a Gator sunning in the back yard of some of my waterfront properties. Gatortail is good eatin:D

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