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Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by musselman, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. musselman

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    Ive been asked to do some bidding for the local school district. I run a Hustler 60 in, what would be an average bid for a football field with a track around it (4 laps 1 mile) no bagging. Im bidding alot more than just the field I was just curious to what everyone is getting for this is there part of the country...Im well aware that we all get diffrent amounts where we live for our work. I bid the field for $75.00 per mow. Im thinking with the Hustler I should be done in a hour give or take a 10-15 minutes..Im not sure I've mowed a alot of fields but they are ussually rough so I have to slow down alot, with this I should be able to mow at full speed (Im hoping). Hustler guys how long do you think it would take on average?
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    what will you be doing with the grass you cut?you said no bagging,i know around here that wont fly.they wont even let you on the field here unless you have to old style reel mowers.then they sweep them.forgot,i have done two around here just cut and sweep for $175.00 each
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    When i was in high school, I worked for the school district maintenance departmen in the summer time. Toward the end of school, the guy that the athletic department hired on just to take care of the fields up and quit. So they called me to take care of the fields until they could find a replacement. Keep in mind this was before I had a lawn care business. I can't tell you how much to bid because that wasn'tt he way they paid me, but I can tell you that my experience is that I could mow a football field with a track around it, in approximately 40 minutes with 72 inch cut. Thats including the sidelines ad gras down past the goal posts.
  4. musselman

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    Thanks guys, I was told it would be just side discharge...price would at least double if I had to bag and haul off clippings. That may be the case come Football season. They did mention possible double cuts some weeks also.
  5. Woody82986

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    I am friends with the guy that takes care of our local playing fields now. They have him mow it Monday, Wednesday and Friday most of the year.
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    Not bagging is fine, but if you only mow once a week, they'll be complaining about clippings on the field.

    Football coaches can be insane about field conditions. You will likely get lots of eveing calls on thursday night saying that the field you just cut needs cutting again the next day before the Friday night game but you will have to work around the striping crew and afternoon pracitce, and the cheerleaders, and the pep ralley, and...

    You will also mow it too long and too short. Some track materials and slopes will be damaged by the tips of your mower deck. Scratch the rubber spray-on track surface and you'll loose your profit for the season on the repair cost.

    Before I even considered biddint, I'd go over this with the athletic director and see exactly what their expectations are. He probably doen's know much about cariing for a field and doesn't even know these things can be problems. He's also a guy who went to college and studied gym so talk slowly to him.
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    here on campus. before the field went synthetic. we used a 60 Scag ZTR most of teh time. from time to time we would use our reelmaster.

    Field cut to 1". we had to cut twice per week durring the growing season.

    It was a bermuda field that we overseeded with winter rye.

    we had to pick up clipping for time to time. but not all the time, sometime we coudl get away with dubble cutting a few areas.

    If they just want it cut it shoudlbe easy, but all dependson the type of grass, and how tall they want it.

    Iwould plan on cutting at least every Wed. so its good for game day, plus this gives you thuirsday and friday in caseof rain or bad weather..., and maybe on monday, depending on rain and fertility.

    I think 75 bucks is a bit onthe cheap side.....though... if you take a 1/4 mile circle. your radius is 210 feet so your total area inside a 1/4 mile circle is 138474 sqft 3.2 acres a 72" scag ZTR can cut 28 acres in an 8 hour day or 3.5 acres per hour.... Assuming full speed and overlap... On a super flat field its possible to do it in an hour. but you conditions will not always be ideal, and you have to take into acount, like any other job, your travel time to the job, you know there is going to bee some medical tape and trash on the field, and tyhe pocibility of haveingt he sideline benches in the grass and in your way that you will have to move.

    Id plan on spending 1.5-2 hours from the time you leave the shop until you are loaded and heading to the next job.
  8. upidstay

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    Also plan on some garbage pick up time. I used to maintain quite a few municipal and public fields, and there tended to be a fair amount of trash lying around. Depends on the coaches and various public groups using the fields, but this was always an issue with us.
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    All of the responses are right on the money. If the field is on a fertility program, mowing once a week and not bagging will not work. I mow Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and still need to bag sometimes. It takes me about an hour with a Kubota 2710 w.72" belly mower.

    As suggested I would talk to the Athletic director and the Coach, at the same time. Many times they are not on the same page when it comes to field maintenance.If you are licensed try to bid the whole package. If you cannot, try to make friends with the fert guy and the striping leader. This could make things alot easier.

    I do fertilizer and weed control work for three school districts. I try to make nice with everyone from the employees at the field,to the coaches and the boosters I see.

    Hope this helps.
  10. ktmmedic

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    I mow a football field as a favor for a private school and it takes about 1 hour with no problems. I mulch at 1.5" every week on Wednesday or Thursday from August till November and one the coaches pulls a sweeper over it right behind me. I can't imagine not getting up the clippings.

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