A+ for Accelerator customer service

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by promower, Dec 12, 2005.

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    About a week before thanksgiving I ordered the big bagger and extension from accelerator. I was tracking the shipment and was surprised to see that it didnt get delivered the day it was scheduled to arrive. When I tracked the shipment the next day, fedex reported that it was delivered. Turned out that my shipment was sent to my old address so I drove over to get it. Well I got the extension unfortunately the bagger was stolen. The people who got the delivery brought the small box (extension) in the house and left the other box on there porch. Someone in the neighborhood must have seen a big box sitting there for a few days and stole it. Sad thing is the renters could have moved the box 3 feet over into the garage, and whoever stole my bagger was probably quite dissappointed when they opened the box as it would be useless to them. Long story short the guys over at accelerator sent a new one out asap without giving me any trouble and they even paid for the shipping. The biggest bummer about the whole thing is I didnt even get to try it out because we eneded up getting an early winter. So thanks Damien and Peter at accelerator, I have recommeneded you to others.
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    Their customer support is second to none. Now if I could get the same kind of service from my Toyota dealer:realmad:
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    It is always good to hear of excellence. Lets keep'em in mind! BTW, Billygoat helped me out recently. My Billygoat vac needed a new tire. I got the tire thinking I could out it on myself. Nope. And no tire shop or mower shop near me could do it either (the nearest Billygoat dealer could but they were a long way away). Billygoat mounted the tire on the rim for me. I had to pay shipping to them, but they did the job and sent it back at no charge just to get my unit back in operation. Thanks Billygoat! Guess which brand I'll buy next time I have the need? Billygoat!

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