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a fungus amungus


LawnSite Senior Member
No pictures? Probably powdery mildew?

It should go away by itself. Improve light and air circulation. aerate. Usually when I see it...i just wave to it and smile.


Plant Buyer 83

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DC - Zone 6
Ya its most likely Powdery Mildew they love Blue grass.

And as mkroker said improve environmental factors (do some reading up on it and act accordingly)



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MN, A-noka CO.
I have a few lawns with it.
Looks like greasy paint almost.

I douubt I transferd it. Just the climate change.
Weather was warm dry and now, cooler and wet with moderate temps.

A few, I have applied seasonal weed and feed from Lesco and others just had
pre-m with fert.

But other than that, no aeration or dethatching was done on these few with it.

The dandilions are gone, but now the grass is thicker.

Also these lawns with the fungus...some have irrigation and some do not.

So I'm going to say it's climatic, with soil condition issues and disease prone turf.

Of course I can only try and improve the soil but I feel that's just a bandaid.

ty for all your help.