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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Fareway Lawncare, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. Fareway Lawncare

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    Last Week a Bunch of You Kids Got Your Panties in a Bunch Because the Edge on a $25 Lawn wasn't Perfect enough to take a picture and Hang it in the Louvre...

    In all Honesty I Could Care Less about Perfect Edges on $25 Lawns...I'm Alot More interested in Making Sure 4-5 of these Lots are Done an Hour Every Hour 24/7.....Most Customers Notice Only that Their Lawn was Cut on the Scheduled Day and the Prop. Looks Neat so That's What They Get.

    "Now Fareway Shut up and Tell Me the Funny thing"...Today I got June's Payment from this Account...$125 (5 Thursday Cuts)..that's 70 min Work for $125...and a Note w/the Cheque.

    Fareway Inc.

    The lawn looks great. Will you please add us to your snow removal list for 2005-06 ?

    Now I found this Amusing Because I Get Alot of Cheques this Time of Month and Very Rarely is Their a Compliment on the Work....Also Rarely is Their a Complaint or Cancellation....Most People pay their Bill like it's a Cable or Phone Bill and are Done w/it which is the Way I Like it.


  2. Petr51488

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  3. SoloMow

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    Sorry about your customer with the degenerative retinal disease. It's obvious the poor man is now reduced to dictating letters. :cool:
  4. K c m

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    Fairway Lawncare doesn't mow lawns. He researches all day in his dorm room and then posts lame a$$ stuff on here :sleeping:
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  5. The C Man

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    The only one getting his panties in a bunch is you, Fairyway. No one believes any of the crap you spew, so you get upset and start the same thread over again. You're pathetic. The only thing believable in your whole post was the part about there rarely being a compliment on the work done. That's totally believable.
    You'd assume someone who thinks he's a 'know it all' like you do would know that the phrase is "I couldn't care less," but apparently not. Please continue to make yourself look like the moron you are, it never gets old.
  6. Fareway Lawncare

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    Thanks...I Figured There's Be a few Jealous Lost Souls....I'm Going to Frame the Note and Hang it in My Awards Room.
  7. Doc Pete

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    C man,
    You're a ray of hope on this forum. Thank you for your post.
  8. S man

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    I edge my lawns pretty good. My complaints are about the lawn and stuff I miss.
  9. A+ Lawncare

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    :waving: Fareway & the other knuckle heads reading who could care less about their cuts and only care about their efficiency of cutting X amount per hr.

    it doesn't take long to ruin a repuatation of poor lawncare practice w/o proper trimming although its gonna be tough to have perfection and cut all those lawns in the long run... when you get fired for leaving grass clippings on the drive & not trimming by trees properly how are you gonna cut 3-4 lots per hr 24/7 when all your gonna have left is 4 lawns a week to cut.... w/5 weeks of your actual cutting in canada, thats about $600 to live off of w/your remaing 5 accounts you'll have left in the next week.... Good luck, and be sure to not leave any snow behind so the customer won't get stuck in their drive...haha

    :rolleyes: anyways how do you think your gonna be getting these lawns cut by Mr. Jone's standards if you could care less and only care if you get X amount of lawns done per hr. u gotta have lawns to cut b4 you have 2 wory bout cutting so many per hr. and if you don't care about how your job looks in the long run after cutting & trimming & blowing hard surfaces you won't make it in the industry hate to bust your bubble

    :D have a good day,
  10. Fareway Lawncare

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    You are Welcome...I am Here to Help.

    A+ Lawncare You Sound like a Reasonable Person but you Need to Wake up and Smell the Coffee...A Very Delicate Balance between Speed and Quality must be achieved to Make Serious $$$ in Mowing.

    First: Show up on the Same Day Every Week (Very Important)...Second: Leave no Visible Clippings, Clumps or Debris on the Lawn or Hard Surfaces....Third: Leave No Grass Noticibly Sticking Up...

    Did you Know that a Customer will Notice Clippings on their Hard Surfaces Well Before they Ever..if they Even do Notice a Perfect Edge.

    Follow these Simple Standards and Fame and Fortune and Cars and Women will be Yours.

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