A good customer is worth their weight in gold!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by barringtonbrothers, May 1, 2004.

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    Ive been mowing out side my neighborhood since I was 16. Im 23 now and still have some of the same customers. I aways lose some every year to people moving. That always happens to me. These customers have been with me since I was useing a mtd and had no idea what a back pack blower was, or Z. My customers I have I really like. They always pay on time, I know what they expect, and many of them have gotten me new clients. They never treat me like garbage and many respect me for being my age with the business Ive built. I had a few pitas, and got rid of them as quick as I could. I would rather have one good customer who I dont make as much on, than two high price pitas who constanly piss me off and try to screw me. I had to cut back last year when my brother joined the marines, and I had to drop a few really good but newer clients - I kept all my old ones but had to drop some as I couldnt give the right kind of service by my self. But I got rid of three real pitas who I could not stand. Just upsetting to have to lose clients who are such good customers.
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    I'm hoping that I'm on to one of those good customers right now, I went over there yesterday to give a quote and before I could even give a price the lady just comes out with " OK I'll give you 100 dollars to do this ,this and this"... and I couldn't agree fast enough!
    I would have only quoted 60 dollars anyways.
    Go figure ?
  3. I think it's OK to cancel some of the really bad customers. But the real test is to cultivate some of the marginal customers into really good ones.:rolleyes:
    I had a high end customer last year that was a notorious late payer. Had to slap them with a late fee. They never payed the late fee, but they're restructuring their accounting procedures so they can pay on time.
    That's all I ever wanted anyways.


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