A Good Soil Sampling Probe?

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by sulston, Aug 19, 2007.

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    I use a Turf hound core aerator. It spits out the cores. I remove the thatch/turf layer and keep the rest. Only goes down to about 3" but that depth is so money.
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    Something to consider as well. The organic approach should extend beyond what types of materials you use or don't use. IMO the end goal should be to create a low/no input sustainable system. With that in mind, it might be beneficial for you to look into ways of achieving this goal (if you haven't already), and the sooner you start applying the program the better, especially since you have a deadline. When moving from a conventional to alternative management program, it will be easier to mix the two approaches until your alternative program can support itself without conventional inputs.

    Areas that will probably need attention in a landscape that has been conventionally managed in the past would be nutrient recycling, IPM, soil conditioning, irrigation management, xeriscaping with natives and other low water use plants, reduction or elimination of lawn where possible, etc...
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    Sulston, I get the basic fertility test including micro Nutrients on all new lawn programs. This test does include the base saturation and total nutrient analysis. I have never had a bio assay or diversity test done. For my work, those type of test would just be an extra expense. 99.99% of my work is done in subsoil conditions where bio life forms just aint going to be in great numbers and I already know that microbial innocculants are needed. For the $200 cost of the bio test, I can just go ahead and buy the innocculant and apply it.

    On older lawns, I will have the same basic test with micro's for the first testing, just to establish what I am working with. In most cases, micros arent an issue and I will concentrate on P,K,Ca,Mg,S. In some cases, I also have to look at Boron,Copper and Zinc. I very seldom have an issue with iron and have never had a problem with Na.
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    That is perfect mudstopper, much appreciated. Exactly what I was looking for.
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