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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by HighGrass, May 4, 2005.

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    Well today started off with a little rain but before I was even done with my first account, it stopped. Still a little chilly but work tunes were crankin and the smell of the first cut grass of the year made me thankful that winter was over.

    I thought maybe the gators wouldn't be right for the new grass but it seemed to work fine. I learned my lesson from last year and started two weeks earlier this year. No clumping and better still, no more 10/15 day accounts. All of em are on 7 days! And, no more checks at the end of the day, monthly billing is here to stay! Man, I can't believe how much time that saves at the end of the day!

    All of the new accounts are running better than 70/hr the way they were bid. Only my very first account is a little behind the money curve, but she's older, lives alone and she was my very first customer.
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    good for you. Its great to get going and feel like your not instantly behind the curve.
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    it makes business easier when you do the monthly billing deal try to call them in advance to see if the customer can leave a check behind the gate or under a mat it will save you money when paying for those expensive stamps. whatever you do make sure you write things off in your expense form to save you tax dollors. like gas, oil, anything you use even your vehicle( for a certain percentage) for business. I started all that out when i first started my business this is my 3rd season and I had zero problems since my biz. was established.

    p.s. just pay your dues and you will be fine
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    I thought I was the only guy who hasn't cut any grass yet. The only grass I have cut is my own, and that didn't really need it. It was warm for about a week but the grass didn't take off then. It's been cold and rainy/snowy the last couple week here, but were getting a warmer whether now and the grass is growing. I'm starting this weekend. Can't wait!
  5. HighGrass

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    Today turned out abut the same as yesterday. I did have to cancel (just for this week) due to conflicts, but will pcik them back up next week. One of the hydro hoses is weeping a bit, gotta keep an eye in it. Just had it replaced last week.
    Two new customers today. One I didn't really expect because the yard can only be cut with a hand mower, I bid the moon on it (54/wk). Of course they said yes...who would of thought. ;)
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