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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by chevyman1, Feb 26, 2004.

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    After going door to door last weekend handing out business cards and flyers, I began asking some people who were more willing to talk if they had an association and which house/people were on the committee. After finding this information out, I offered 3 people, all on the board, 1 free cutting this spring, and if they liked it, they could sign a contract for the year, but only if they could walk me into the board meeting next fall when they bid and decided who the vendor is for 2005. The one guy told me 28k for the lawn mowing alone, which takes 2 guys 2 days to do (houses and common areas). I told him I'd hook him up cheap this year for his house, which is on the side that takes care of their own property, if he'd give me a great referral for the bid. He said he'll get the numbers, and advised me to look into bidding around 26-27 if it was profitable. Just another way to win guys, hopefully it works, take care
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    You need to tell the guy you'll do his lawn cheap WHEN you get a signed contract for the larger property...if for whatever reason you don't get the contract, you haven't lost any money on his lawn...I've had guys like this before that told me if I give them a good deal on their lawn, they would help me get the contract for the common areas to the sub-division...most of the time, they screw you over, they we're just playin' you...
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    thanks for the advice man, I appreciate it

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