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A Growing Vineyard.......


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I am having to clean out a bed for this lady and it is covered with ivy/vines.... the kind that is mostly used for ground cover-up but since they have been neglected the past 10 years, they are just way out of control. How would you go about taking these up?? I tried by hand but that was a slow and vigorous process. Should you douse them with some chemicals to kill them and then pull them up or what?? ANY and ALL help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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Commerce MI
there the f ing devil i weed wip the **** out of them then turn the dirt and lay mulch


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transition zone
I am assuming you are referring to Engish Ivy or similar. The way i usually handle this type of situation is with a pair of Lopers. I just snip and cut until I get the vines trimmed to where I want them. These type of vines will leaf back out and fill in any gapeing holes you leave from the triming. As a side benefit, I take the trimmings and root them in small pots which I can sell at a later date. I have to hual them off anyways, might as well make use of them. If you want rid of them completely, Roundup works pretty well, but you still have to get rid of the vines.