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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Guzzo856, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. T Scapes

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    very nice work and company just curious im 19 now starting my own business on the side of working full time for another landscaper who is already cool with me doing that(1 of my other coworkers does the same thing) but did you find it hard to get some commercial accounts with being younger. Also ill be in OCNJ in july would love to check out your operation
  2. KE-llc

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    how many guys did you have trimming and how many cleaning up?? 400 bushes in 3hrs is 2.22 bushes per minute....now unless you're flash I don't think that's possible.
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  3. Guzzo856

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    3 trimming. 2 cleaning up, yes it is hard for my age
  4. wilsonlandscaping1

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    guzzo i drive by ur house to get to mine every weekend... i get honked at everytime because im so distracted looking at ur trucks haha. good work man it looks great keep it up. i saw ur 550 on saturday way up the blackhorse pike, do u have accounts that far??
  5. Guzzo856

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    haha yea some commercial
  6. lukemelo216

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    work looks good. Vinny, I do agree with you that quality is important on all sites. But he wouldnt be saving himself any time by bagging. IT would be taking him 2-3 times longer to cut those large places. Plus once you disperse those clippings a little with th blowers you wont see them at all.

    Most commercial places arent bagged, unless its smaller or a lot of curbs and such. We will do those to simply save time on blowing off the parking lots, or a place where we might only fill up 1 bagger at the most.
  7. WPS85

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    Your work looks great!. . Just keep on doing it!, and don't listen to what ''some'' have said about you in this thread!

    Good-Luck with your business! :)
  8. Guzzo856

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    thanks, picking up a skid steer thursday, i will put up pics
  9. WPS85

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    Sounds great!

    Are you buying a John Deere?:dancing:
  10. Guzzo856

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    new Holland Ls180, 1500 hrs for $11,500. gotta get a 8ft pusher for it

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