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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Guzzo856, Feb 20, 2011.

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    Why don't you guys leave him alone, he said, he wants to start a THREAD of HIS OWN, now you SHUT him out. Let him come back and justify his claims, he might have a business knowledge that we all don't know and IF? given a chance might learn from him. What'll think. Be SUBTLE.
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    Keep on keepin on man, being young and not having any other expenses besides the business peopla are surprised what is affordable. Its all in how you work it, if I told you the amount of accounts I mow and am still able to afford my truck nobody would believe me. Thing is nobody on here knows the first thing about your operation and is in no position to pass judgment.
    At least you were honest and didnt try and pass it off as you did it all 100% on your own, you are blessed to have such a willing and supportive father.
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    Not in jersey, I'd jump on a $ 1800 mortgage in a second but thats beside the point. Being youngs a big advantage to growing your business, almost all my expenses are either related to my business or my girlfriend :hammerhead: I don't have a mortgage, kids, or student loans to pay off so I can put a lot of money back into my business. Aside from that, you cant measure a business based on a number of accounts. I don't have a crazy number of accounts, but maintenance is only around 20% of my business
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    Looks like you have got a good thing going there. You have a couple of nice trucks. Its good to hear that guys like you who are newer to the industry are getting some of the commercial jobs out there and its not just going to the bigger companies.

    There is nothing wrong with parents helping out with buying equipment. He obviously has an arrangement with his father that suits them both. Besides who cares who owns the truck the point of the thread was to show some of the gear that he uses in business.
    Would the critics of the thread still be critical of him if he was on a lease buy back scheme for the truck?
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    looks good man, that 550 is my dream truck im trying to get one next year, im 19 too have two trucks and all the old guys around here hate hard but what ever man young put almost every penny i make back into my business keep it up man, and put some more pictures up of ur trucks and equipment
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    everyone on here is so touchy.. I just stated an opinion based on what I am seeing.. I know commercial accounts are good for money, trust me.. I plow all commercial and have year round contracts for most. I simply stated he might be in over his head with all the expenses he is giving himself, and not even a year ago he was asking "what a yard of mulch means" and "how to charge for mum plantings".. If any of my commercials saw at anytime that I wasn't sure on something regarding anything with their landscape, I would be fired on the spot and I think most of you would agree.. I personally, and i stress personally, think he is diving into the deep end with weights on his feet.. Your jumping from no experience in this industry to managing an 8 man crew on commercial accounts which could easily be maintained by a solo op.. Your insurance must be through the roof, and I am sure workers comp for 8 employees isnt that cheap as well.... but hey if you wanna do it go for it im not stopping you.. like i said before, best of luck man i hope it does work out for you, but I think there's a lot of ticking time bombs here.. The point of being in business is to keep costs low and to have a high profit margin.. I will take my good old paid off 02' 350 and live within my means any day...
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    I don't know anything is possible. I do have to say in my age group I have seen some pretty impressive things. Being 20 and having a mortgage, 2 crews and everything else is enough already for me. There is such a thing as growing to fast, not saying the owner of this thread is though, as he might have been in this business awhile. Keep your overhead low, and make sure your profit margin is high!
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    I'm sure this is do able. dad bought the dump and probably the pickup and the kids making payments really not that hard to do guys when you're young with no expenses
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    I remember reading a thread of yours a couple months ago Guzzo...you were talking about which 2 mowers you should start out with...?

    best 2 mowers to start with


    i recently picked up 3 apartment complexes/ a car dealership, an hoping tp pick up some residential. Residential is small in amy area since its a city, and my commercial is medium sized. im deffinatly getting an 52 in great dane surfer. But i dont know weather to get a 48 inch walk behind , or another 52??

    I may be wrong but were you just starting out then? Please explain as I see it hard to go from just starting out to having a 8 full time employees in a couple months. Maybe you do more landscaping?
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    Maybe it's his daddies business
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