A home made blade grinder & balancer.

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  1. I already had a thread on here for the home made blade grinder. But I also ordered a 5/8" OD bearing on Ebay for $2.64 shipped. It works perfect. I just put a dash of WD40 on it and it's slicker than snot. I just slip the 5/8" hole of the blade snug onto it. I will probably get a couple small washers at the hardware store later and a larger stop washer so I can't push the blade past the bearing, but it works fine as it is. It rotates around SMOOTH as silk. I snapped that photos as it was rotating from the heavy side of the used blades from this week. I just used small nuts on the backside for space for now.

    Here is the LINK for the photos.

    http://s856.photobucket.com/albums/ab129/megaviper/Bench grinder - blade grinder - blade balancer

    SEARCH for: "New Hampshire Ball Bearing INC R4 1pd 1/4 x 5/8 x.196 BRAND NEW"

    on Ebay if you want the same 5/8 OD bearing.
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    link not working
  3. Ebay item #110857863320. Cheap cheap.

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