a "horn" for ride-on units ???

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by americanlawn, Oct 28, 2011.

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    I know this sounds stupid, yet the cost involved ain't much.

    We have a few commercial accounts where it works best to "tag team" them by using two people:

    Person 1) Ride-on unit (spread & spray) -- treats the bulk of the properties (maybe as much as 98% of total square footage).

    Person 2) Uses a "push spreader/backpack sprayer" to treat steep areas & small islands.

    a) Flags the properties.
    b) Fills out invoices.
    c) Blows granules off hard surfaces
    d) "Brings needed product to the ride-on applicator when he's running low on granular fert or liquid herbicide".

    Problem with two-way radios:

    1) The ride-on applicator needs to stop what he's doing (production).
    2) Then has to get his radio out of his pocket.
    3) Person #2 also has to stop what he's doing.
    4) Then person #2 also has to pull "his' radio out.
    5) When person #2 needs to contact the ride-on applicator via two-way radio...most likely the ride-on guy will not hear it anyway cuz he's operating the machine.

    So why not just install a cheap push button horn for ride-on sprayer/spreader units? No need for stopping, cuz you could use it on the fly to notify your "assistant".

    I think you get my drift. American astronauts spent millions developing an ink pen that would write in space. The Soviets solved it by merely using a pencil.

    BTW I already passed this idea along to XXXX, but I'm not sure they were interested in this simple/cheap idea.

    Any thoughts? Thinking out of the box? thanx :usflag:
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    Larry, I saw that episode of West Wing too! I've always wondered if it was true. Anyway, adding a horn is a good idea. :)

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    You think if you could play frisbee You could operate a radio

    They have mics that clip on your pocket or collar you can call with one hand

    But you would have to drop the frisbee

    A horn would work but i spent my electric on a foam marker

    I work solo so no one would here it but me

    Charles Cue
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    Good idea, I got hit on my ride one, Some dude was texting/ playing with his cell phone, Not paying attention while pulling into a parking spot that i was in. I saw him coming, but he gave me a pretty good bump.. Enough to toss me off the machine. F***er!
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    I'd settle for a hose real on the T.
  6. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    What tune would the horn play Larry?

    'Iowa Fight Song'? :)
  7. grassman177

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    excellent idea larry, missed you at the gie of course(cuz you werent there), but did see the T and the new improvements.
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  9. P.Services

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    or train your worker right and he will be one step ahead of you at all times. Bags waiting, steep hills walked and flag flying in the breeze.
  10. P.Services

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    or develop some sign language. I have signs that would make Mrs.Keller crap her pants. I can say.... "get me another bag before i run out or your lazy a$$ is fired and you will walk home without my company shirt on" in less then a second with sign language. No seriously, thats a actual conversation that was had.

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