A Laser Cutting Lawnmowing Car

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    In the Wall Street Journal today was an article about the DaimlerChrysler Smart Car that had been converted into a lawnmower by Wolf-Garten, GmBH & Co. of Germany. The Smart car is only 8ft long and is targeted at European and Japanese commuters and is toted as the park anywhere car. Well Wolf-Garten decided they could make it into a luxury lawnmower that was using lasers to cut the grass thus making it super quiet. When not in use the deck lifts up and looks like a formula one wing on the front of the car.

    Well the first prototype burned the grass and melted the rocks below the lawn. They are also worried about the deck flipping up or tilting in rough terrain and the lasers cutting something other than the lawn (there goes the patio furniture). They are currently studying the effects of laser cutting grass over the course of a season. They have been at this for a little over two years.

    The clincher is the price tag, $30,000. The article states "that's a fair piece of change but not uncommon in the world of industrial lawn maintenance where mowers can run from less than $1000 to $30,000." John Deere is also quoted in the article as the industry leader and states that "We have not found the laser cutting to be reliable in actual cutting conditions and the cost is prohibitive for putting a product in the marketplace."

    Well hoped you all enjoyed that. The article was written by a WSJ staff writer, Scott Miller in today's paper.


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