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Discussion in 'Tanaka' started by MDLawnman, Aug 6, 2005.

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    After reading as much as I could on this site and researching other web sites I purchased a Tanaka THT 210S hedge Trimmer. The technical data and the written comparisons to other products helped me make the decision. I could not find one to look at prior to buying one which frankly made me a little nervous. I made the purchase sight unseen from my favorite dealer in Pennsylvania (He ordered it for me). I telephoned dealers in a three State area that I consider close to me and no one had one in stock. But what was funny is that every one of the dealers that I talked to said they personally owned one!
    Previously I was renting a Stilh HS 80 for the larger jobs that I have been picking up and I kept a small Craftsman trimmer in my trailer for those unpredictable jobs that always seem to pop up.

    I just wanted to let you folks know that over the last three weeks this has become my favorite tool. The information posted here and on your website about the light weight and power of this product are not exaggerations in any way shape or form. I can use the THT210S hours longer than I can the Stihl without my arms giving out from the weight and vibration.

    The adjustable handle takes about 30 seconds to adapt to. It is fast and accurate. Speaking of fast - I have one customer who has a row of hedges that I trim about once a month. Previously it took me 60 minutes with the Craftsman trimmer to complete this task. The THT210S cut the time down to 20 minutes.

    The S start system on this trimmer delvers as promised. A very easy pull - way better than ANY other power equipment I have used (chain saws, string trimmers, etc.)

    If I had to be critical about the THT210S I suppose it would have to be the manual. It's confusing to search for information when it's written in six languages. I'd like to see more detailed maintenance information. For example is there a torque setting that could be used on the cutter bolts? What specific procedures does Tanaka recommend for cleaning the cutting blades? I hope that those don't sound like really stupid questions, I'm sure that your more experienced lawn care professionals are shaking their heads at me. However I just switched from renting a hedge trimmer and owning a little Craftsman trimmer! AND I like to take care of my equipment!

    As I said my dealer ordered the THT210S for me. He said it would take two days to get. It didn't. He had it the next day. The price for the THT210S was less than the Stihl and Echo products that were comparable. Another big plus.

    I apologize for the long post. But I just can't say enough good things about this product. I'm looking at your stick edgers now!

    P.S. - If you would like my dealer info or any other info for that matter please do not hesitate to contact me.

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