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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Nelson, Mar 25, 2002.

  1. Nelson

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    I put a add in the local paper. Had some calls mainly people that are price shopping. One Estimate was a yard that has not been cut in ages. Gave him a price of $70.00, and he hit the roof. I told him that he needs to call someone else, because it really was'nt worth the ware & tare on my equipment.

    I put some doorknob hangers out in some of the residental acounts I want to target last week, and still no calls.

    Any insight will be greatly appreciated.

  2. mdb landscaping

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    Your best bet is to keep putting out flyers. Ive found you have to put out a ton of flyers before the calls come in. Are you trucks lettered. That way when you are in a neighborhood, others will drive by and see the nice job you do, and call the number from your truck. Most of my accounts i get are from neighbors of customers i mow, or they see my number on the trailer.
  3. Bladewielder

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    Believe it or not but I've had alot of luck with the classifieds, but they are pretty expensive. If that's not working for you try the yellow pages. Around here they are very reasonable. Truck lettering would definitely not hurt and a lettered covered trailer can't be missed. Don't necessarily give up on the paper though. If you only get one good account a month out of your ad it will be worth it in the long run (lawn customers are repeat customers).
  4. JimLewis

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    Well I don't know that this applies to Fl. but around here the weather has been lousy for the last month or two. That's what was holding back the calls around these parts. Our experience was similar to yours - not nearly as many calls as we expected with the marketing we were doing.

    But all of a sudden, with the new nice weather we are getting, things are exploding. I must have taken 15 calls today. I landed 4 new maintenance accounts, and a few good jobs. 3 of them came from 300 flyers we put out this Saturday. I am sure more will call tomorrow.

    Just keep at it. Flyers work. It's just a timing thing. But once the lightbulb goes off in people's heads in regards to landscaping, you'll want to make sure they have your flyer.

    Newspaper ads around here are still doing crummy. A friend of mine has one out right now. No calls the last few days for him.
    Yellow Page Ads are a bad idea for small businesses IMO. A bold listing in their wouldn't hurt. But otherwise, I wouldn't recommend them. Been there, did that. Have had many small and large YP ads in the past.

    I agree that truck lettering is must. We get calls from them all the time.

    Flyers and truck lettering are the two most important things. Just keep at it. We usually have to lay out several hundred flyers (in upper class neighborhoods) before we'll start getting calls.
  5. SLS

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    All of the above is good advise.

    Jim Lewis has had the same experience I've had...people procrastinate until the last minute and then...boom!... the phone goes nuts. I give it two more weeks here.

    I will add one other thing:

    Keep at it!

    I ran ads in our neighborhood paper starting 2 weeks ago...and have had 3 price shoppers have called in return. I know from the last two years to not get antsy...the calls will come when the grass hits 5" to 7". I started the ads a bit early to establish 'name recognition' in the eye of potential customers.;)

    On the other hand...

    I have picked up 4 new residentials in the last 5 days...all off of referrals from existing customers. These new customers too lost (or terminated) their lawn guys from last year. But because of the referrals they know why I might be a bit higher in $$$. You get what you pay for...and then some.

    Persistance (along with dependability and good workmanship) has it's rewards. :)

    Good luck this year, Nelson!
  6. sheppard

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    Morning Nelson,

    Agree w/ most of what I read. You might try this: pick a location (either commecial or residential) and get the address/phone #s from Hill Donnely from your public library. Target the residential w/ fliers and the commercial w/ direct contact in person or over the phone.

    Call them up either that night or the following day and ask if they have someone do their lawn maintenance and are they completely satisfied. If they say anything other than "yes- we are 100% satisfied" then ask to meet with them and submit your proposal (NOT COST OR CHARGE) to 'take care of their lawn" for them.

  7. stslawncare

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    i agree, just keep plugging away at those flyers and signs on ur truck, if u get 1 customer out of 50 flyers thats great.
  8. Nelson

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    Thanks Guy's,

    All the info is greatly appreciated. I will keep my chin up
    & still be determined.

    Here in Florida it's been in the high 70's, so the phone
    will be ringing directly.

    It has to happen, because I do not want to get a 9 to 5.
    If you know what I mean.

    Thanks again to all..........

  9. proline32

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    Hey nelson,

    Don't worry about the guy that hit ther roof after you gave him a quote of 70.00 to do the lawn, he probably will do that at 30.00 bucks so he's not worth it. (cheapo) Unfortunately you get those with newpaper ads. You also get those with referals too. The other post are correct, weather has a lot to do with when folks call, At the last minute when grass is knee high( then you charge them a lot more.)

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