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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Lawn Enforcement FM, Dec 1, 2005.

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    I have been mowing and have loved it for years and after my daughter was born, I decided to make a business of it and let the wife stay home to be mom. I will be a part timer with my goal is 20 lawn accounts for the 1st year. There are two types of properties that are in the area I will be mowing,Lee county FL. The 1st are the houses that had to be elevated 5,6,7 feet above road level so they are borderline moutains. Well over 33 degree angles on all sides. The size is roughly quarter acre lots to half acre lots. The second size lawns are in the new developments, some gated communities, that have really small side yards. I have also called the fence companies and they said that the smallest gates going in here are 36". I have been reading LS for a month now and have visited all of the local dealers. I have narrowed my brands down to Exmark or Wright standers. Both are at respected dealers that offer good service. The exmark I was eyeing is a 48"Lazer HP with a 19hp kaw for 6500.00. It is an early 2005, and the dealer is telling me he is nocking off $699.00 to reach that price. I then went over to the Wright dealer. They have all of the Standers for 18% off allowing me to get a 52" 23 hp Kaw for about $5500. I demo'd and like both.

    Is the Exmark worth $1500 more for possibly a smaller unit? The $6500 is really alll I can afford for the mower Since I have to buy other equipment.

    Would I be better off going for a Stander 36 or going with a Stander 48 or 52 and buying a smaller commercial WB?

    The only other decision is for the trimmers ext. Stihl, Husqvarna or Redmax?

    Thanks for any input .
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    I have heard a lot of good things about both of them where I have neither I can't give an educated opinion. However, I would go with the most cost effective for a start up.
    A lot of people have said some really good things about the quick 36 and it is in the $2600 range. there is a link at the top of the page. Read up on that one and see what you think of it.
    As far as trimmers are concerned I would go with either stihl or redmax I have all stihl products and love them.
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    You should check out the Quick 36 by better. There is a link at the top of the forum pages. They are verry impressive and have heard only good things about them. I am planning on getting the super duty for the $2500. For the price you can not beat what that mower can do. The fact that it is a 36" mower that can fit through most gates is a big plus as well.

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    Take a look at the Cub Cadet Commercial Z-Wing 48. The sides fold up to allow you to go through a 36" gate. One piece of equipment instead of two. List price is $5999.

    I am not sure about this mower on the inclines you describe. It would be best to ask for a demo. If it works well, It just might kill two birds with one stone.
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    I thought about that David, but the local Cub Dealer isn't real close. The other down side is if one machine goes down, work stops, if you have a Z and a WB, business is still open. The Quick36 is one I am considering for my smaller mower. I am leaning toward the Wright Stander - just not sure which size 36, 48, or 52. For the lawns I described, which would make more sense? In case it matters we have mostly St. Augustine and Bahaia here.
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    Ask the Cub dealer how he would handle repairs. Ask If he would always give you a loaner if your mower had to be in the shop.

    I understand your logic for wanting a second mower. So get a good deal on the 48" Z-wing and buy a 36" WB. This would also cover your bases if the 36" WB went down. The Z-wing can still mow the gated properties.

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    The mower is up to you as I have never used a stander,( I love my walk behinds with the Velke) but as far as the homes with hills, I would avoid them like the plague. You live in the land of flat properties. I would love to only cut flat stuff. Hills will only add time and hassle. Z's are harder to use on a hill. There are so many homes around you that are flat that I would leave someone else do the raised ones.
    Just my opinion.
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    Or buy a mower designed for the slopes and specialize in them, You need to carve out a niche market that you are the only one that can do it and be very profitable at doing it.
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    Bump : looking for advise on size of Mower to get. Doing mostly 1/4 acre lawns, some 1/2 acre, some with very steep grades, so with really small side yards or 36" gated back yards. Mostly St Augustine and Bahaia. More details above.

    I am thinking either 36", 48 or 52 stander. If I get the 48 or 52, I would pick up either the Quick 36 or another brand as a back up and for back yards. If I get the 36 stander, I would just get a 21 inch com. In your opinion, what would be the best way to go?
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    Is there a mower that specializes in slopes?

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