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    My wife and I are starting up our business plan right now, but will not be doing anything until spring. We will be attedning landscape design classes at the local technical college this winter, spring and summer.

    Our question is: We want to spray for weeds, lay fert and bug control. What license/s would we need to do this? Do we just need the basic pest license, or is there one for fert as well? Any help would be great. We are in Georgia.

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    at the top of the 'pesticide & fertilizer application' forum you will see

    Sticky: Licensing In all States!!

    click on that, you'll find the info you need. I dont live in GA so I cant give you a direct response
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    You will need to pass 2 exams, then file for a pesticide contractor's license with the state.

    The two exams are:

    • General Standards
    • Cat 24 Ornamental and Turf

    Once you pass these you get your personal applicator license. Then to get the contractor license from the state, you must show proof of insurance coverage.

    Give yourself a few months to get all of this done.

    Also, there is a huge Turf trade show happening in Duluth the week of December 7. I know that one of the workshops they are holding is for people preparing to take these exams. You can find more about this show at http://www.turfgrass.org

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