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    I spend most of my time over in the landscape lighting forum however the inevitable is happening..... Customers are starting to ask and want holiday lighting.
    I hung lights on some deciduous trees at a business square and now the customer would like the roof perimeter lit. We have noticed other buildings in the area with C9 roof lighting. I am going to need about 850 feet approximately. Is this the way to go? Any advice or hints from someone who has done this? I have searched a little already but time is running out obviously.Looking for a source for C9 retro LED bulbs, 1,000 ft Spool, C-Clips. Was thinking on using high quality silicone to fasten the clips at a 11.5 to 12 inch spacing then coming back when set to add the lights. Thought of using glue but customer and I are concerned about the cold here and that maybe it might pop off. No ladders will be needed as will be able to work right off a nice flat roof. Clips and lights will be mounted horizontal on a metal flashing. Forgot to mention that the C9 LED's lights would be left year round.

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