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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Langford2000, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. Langford2000

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    I just need to vent a little. I sold my lazer the first of this year due to some mechanical problems that I didn't have time to fix over the winter. This spring I bought a brand new Ferris and I love it as far as the ride and the cut is great as far as I am concerned. The only thing is I have had three problems so far with this mower and its got me a wondering what else is going to happen. The first was the hour meter, which isn't a big deal, just a pain in the butt and needed fixed. The second this is the return line gromment going into the hydro tank split and oil when everywhere. Shut down for three hours while I went to the dealer for a new grommet. And third, yesterday I get the mower off the trailer and see something hanging from under the engine. It was one of the two belts between the pumps and the engine. It took about an two hours to put the belt back on.

    One would think that a mower with less that 100 hours should be trouble free and maybe I'm just being anal. What do you guys think? I am I over reacting or would this get on your nerves just a little. If I had wanted something to work on I would have kept the Exmark and put the 6000 it cost to upgrade in my pocket. Thanks for letting me vent.
  2. Frue

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    Well lets see so far my ferris has 100 hours and my hour meter went, wheel motor, hydro pump, and I have had to level the deck 2. The cut is not even as good as my Toro. Talk to Rod Father he has 14 of them he was one of the reasons I bought one. its obvious he has not used anything else in a long time.

    The kicker is ferris calls my dealer a platium dealer and they kept my mower 10 days to fix the wheel motor. i would hate to see what a gold dealer would do. I am just frustrated with the lack of sevice from these dealers so I called ferris to complain here is what they said. "maybe you got one that was made on monday morning or friday afternoon".

    I bought a exmark 56 in the begining of the year and the triton was a debackle. I took it back lost 800 on it. So I decided to give ferris a shot got a great deal on the mower. I thought the mower road great should of stuck with my Toros, they just were a little to exspensive. Thats what I get for trying to save 2500!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Langford2000

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    My dealer was the reason I bought the thing. He has sold Ferris a long time as well as Grasshopper and has always but truthful to my family and myself on our res equipment before I started the biz. The only reason I bought the lazer first was I got a good deal. Maybe I should have kept it.
  4. puppypaws

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    Just sounds like another American product made on Monday or Friday any other time you probably would not have seen those problems.

    They need to let the Japanese build them, their quality control is better. I'll swear that is a terrible thing to say about the good American workers the labor unions have produced.
  5. JoshC

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    That stinks about your mower. I have had 3 Ferris mowers and the first 2 were completely trouble free. My newest, the 3100, had the center spindle pulley break. My dealer sells over 1800 units a year and had NEVER seen that happen before. Any other problems I've had with it were due to my dumb mistakes. When I had the pulley break my dealer pulled one off of new machine and had me back out the door in 30 minutes.

    Two weeks ago while I was up in NY I got to take a tour of the Ferris plant. It was definately an impressive sight. Everything is hand assembled and everybody seems to take pride in the work that they do. But I'm sure there are always going to be a few slackers and a few mistakes that slip by on Monday mornings or Friday afternoons.
  6. carcrz

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    I don't think it's necessarily the people, but the quality of the parts they are getting in the first place. Besides, everyone knows the unions had their place in time, but their purpose passed long ago. Now they're just getting greedy. :rolleyes:
  7. puppypaws

    puppypaws LawnSite Fanatic
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    Who makes the parts?

    It all comes back to people and American's are getting more greedy by the day. The faster you can make it, ship it out, the more corners you can cut by building with as cheap a parts as your company can get by with the more money can be made "FOR A TIME" then it all catches up.

    You can unroll your eyes now before they cross!
  8. topsites

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    Yeah but at the same rate American consumers EXPECT domestic products to be cheap, far cheaper than import, and the import tax is nowhere near the discount consumers expect. An $8000 product might cost 9-10g after import cost and tax is paid, so the domestic product would cost 8, right? Yeah, but consumers want the domestic for half the price of the import, so make me one for 4-5!

    It works both ways, thou I'm not disagreeing with you either, they ALL want something for nothing.
  9. puppypaws

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    Yea, and I am afraid it is going to get worse.

    I had a friend call me yesterday from Farmville, Va and said he and his family were on their way to Murrel's Inlet just below Myrtle Beach for a weeks vacation.

    He was talking about going to Richmond and watching the Braves play baseball so Farmville must not be to far from Richmond.
  10. Grass Happens

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    Ever since papa briggs bought out simplicity/ferris/snapper, products on all three fronts have been going down fast. Briggs announced that they are closing the Port Washington, Wi plant where simplicity has been made forever. Why? Not profitable enough. And now all tech support goes through to snapper in Ga, and nobody down there gives a sh!t. Ferris has a good product, all machines break, but with the constant disrespect from briggs, is it any wonder the product (and support) is taking a poo? I have heard the "moday/friday" report as well. I also know a guy who bought an 11K Simplicity tractor, and was having over heating problems with it, and was told "As long as all your doing in mowing with it, it shouldn't be a problem" So i guess the rear PTO and three point is just for show, huh?

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