A Little Disrespectful If U ask me?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Nelson, Apr 23, 2002.

  1. Nelson

    Nelson LawnSite Senior Member
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    I had a call Yesterday...A guy was asking me if I do this & that & so on.... So I said YES......

    Well he said when can U come by.. I said Tommorow....
    I even asked if he had a Lawn Service now...and he said NO...

    Well guess what....When I showed up there was A Lawn Service Company there.... I did not stop...... Was I wrong or what?

    I guess out of do respect........ I come home & he is on my answering machine?

    what will u guys do? It seems to me that he was just trying to Tighten up his Lawn Service? Because they were looking very hard @ me.....

    Or should I call him back.... I just do not know why he would lie like that... All he had to do is say.... Yes I do have a Lawn Service .....But I am unhappy w/them.... Just don't lie to me....& have both of us be there @ the same time...

    Any suggestions from the experts will help...

    Thanks Guys & Gals.....
  2. Garry

    Garry LawnSite Member
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    If there are only ten horses in the world, guess what?.... you'll still have twelve horses-asses around.

    Do something productive instead.....................Hey, you gotta great story outta this.
  3. Lawn-Scapes

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    That's awkward.. isn't it.

    I had a similiar situation happen... but the potential customer told me he had a service.

    We set up an appointment and it just so happened that his property was being serviced when I showed up :eek: This is because the lawn service was unreliable and the homeowner didn't know when he would be there.

    It felt weird and good at the same time.

    Anyway.. I got the account and at a higher rate too.

    If it were me... I would have kept the appointment. I would definitely call him and explain that you felt awkward about it and can you reschedule... depending on his explanation of coarse.
  4. KDJ

    KDJ LawnSite Senior Member
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    Maybe he was just getting a quote from them?
    If someone calls, always show up you just never can tell.

    This is how I give quotes. I schedule apointments around 5-6 pm
    when I show up I'am in my car, well dressed and clean cut. You would never guess I'am a LCO. I have been in yards with the Owner talking about Lawn Care while it was being cut by someone else! They never had a clue. It's just the damest thing.
  5. Nelson

    Nelson LawnSite Senior Member
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    Hey KDJ,

    They were cutting grass @ the time....not giving an Estimate...

  6. KDJ

    KDJ LawnSite Senior Member
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    I think I would have stoped and had a talk with him, wouldn't be rude watch the other guys work a little, give them a card and move on. And I would give the man a honest bid.
  7. Nelson

    Nelson LawnSite Senior Member
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  8. Lawn-Scapes

    Lawn-Scapes LawnSite Silver Member
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    Were you late for your appointment?

    Maybe that crew you saw had an appointment too and he told them to go ahead and cut it??

    Have you called the homeowner yet?
  9. Nelson

    Nelson LawnSite Senior Member
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    TSG & KDJ,

    One thing I did not mention ..... I even read it over a few times.........(my original post) Oh well I am not perfect....but

    It was a drop off Estimate...tape it to the door thing...
    He was @ work.......

    & No I have not called him as of yet....

    I will in the AM......
  10. Runner

    Runner LawnSite Fanatic
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    We had a discussion similar to this not long ago about showing up to give estimates and other services were called to give estimates at the same time. Someone else said what I would do. That is, just keep going and come bck later. In this case, however, I would be ALmost tempted to stop and talk to the guy who was doing it, and ask him what the situation was, and if he knew he might be on the out. It is always good to seed out a problem and work with that to better serve the customer. I don't think the other lco would have any trouble with you, just because you were the one that was called. To any extent, DEFinitely contact the owner, and get to the bottom of it. You may learn something like he had called and left messages to this guy to discontinue his services, and this guy either doesn't return his calls, or he doesn't get his messages. Something tells me that THIS is the case. (In which case, talking to the lco wouldn't have been too cool) Anyway, tell us what happens with this tomorrow and continue this thread. Good luck with it!

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