A Little Free Perk for your Employees

Discussion in 'Employment' started by steven_ucf, Jul 9, 2013.

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    I never realized this until now, but certain sites give away free prescription cards to get discounts on prescription meds.

    I guess I saw these before and never paid them much attention. However, I am trying to take get more structured in perks, recognition, etc.

    I got my prescription cards from this site: www.free-prescription-card.com. I just filled it out and printed it a card off for all my employees. It didn't cost me anything, but offered them discounts that they would not have gotten otherwise (since I don't offer any health insurance).

    I am sure that their are other sites, but I can personally vouch that this site works. I printed it out and took it in myself to get some meds and I got about $8.00 off the original cost.

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