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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Four Star, Oct 13, 2002.

  1. Four Star

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    hey everybody. So I haven't been around here in a little while. Business is doing ok, the way this weather is, I'll be cutting in November haha. Anyhow, my question is, when you started out, during your first couple years, what did you do in the winter?
    I am going to do some snow removal, not a ton because I don't have a plow, and don't really have the $$ to get one.
    But, what else is there to do, that might be slightly related to what I'm doing now?
  2. WatkinsLawn

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    Clean gutters, sell and deliver fire wood, dormant seeding, misc. odd jobs, sell Christmas trees, clean out garages and basements, light hauling, can you do any type of remodeling?, build fences, build decks, etc.
  3. Minnesota

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    You could try painting (bedrooms,livingrooms ect.ect.)

    of course its not related to lawn care, not to many

    things are in the winter.
  4. Doc Pete

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    MTD makes a 13hp 33" wide snowblower. It's a bear. It's the exact same unit that "Cub Cadet" sells for $600 more than the MTD. The only difference is two grease fittings. You should be able to pick up the MTD at "lowes, or order it from a dealer. It should cost less than $1,700.
    OK...... I get $2 to $3.50 a minute to snowblow, depending on the depth of the snow. The MTD will do driveways even when the plows can't. AND, at $1,700, it's a cheap investment that gives you a terrific return on your money.
    Try one, you may find people want you to snowblow over plowing because you can do a better job and get in places the plow can't.
  5. Mr_Marc

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    You could winter in south Florida. I need some help 2 day's a week.

    LLMSERVICE LawnSite Member
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    Installing and removing outdoor Christmas lights and decorations seemed to be a growing trend in this area. Otherwise, hauling household debris used to keep me from going completely crazy

    I used to plow and started out with a small truck and a 24" Ariens blower. When I fianlly purchased a couple of plow trucks, I found that many residential clients did not want the plows in their driveways.

    I don't know what winter weather trends have been in Detroit but here (about three hours drive north of Duluth, MN), we have not had heavy winters for about three years.

    If your budget is small, I suggest a good walk behind as a sound place to start. If you don't get much snow, your investment risk is minimal.
  7. Tvov

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    from CT
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    If there is not alot of snow on the ground, we do brush clearing, heavy cut back of hedges and bushes, tree cutting/removal, preliminary work for spring landscaping jobs (includes brush clearing, maybe grading work, etc.), spreading stone on stone driveways, etc.

    When we run out of those things, we also do alot of "light hauling", and cleaning out of warehouses and residentials (garages, basements, etc.).

    In the fall, if it looks like our workload may be light, I will send out a mailing to all my customers detailing the above work, and usually I will get multiple calls from my regular customers.

    Also, if you are on good relations with local landscape deigners/architects, other local landscaping companies and construction companies, let them know you will be available for subcontracting work. Even if you are only able to do small jobs, you may be surprised how much work you might be able to get.

    A local landscape designer in my area who I am friends with, who subs all his grunt work, is always looking for companies to sub to. If I am ever short on work, I can call him up and be virtually guarenteed work.
  8. Darryl G

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    Don't forget, you can remove snow with a backpack blower too. Of course, within limits.
  9. greenman

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    Part-time job working for the man:( until spring.

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