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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by ctvalley, Jan 11, 2007.

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    Today, I ventured out to a few new properties in search of work this coming spring/summer.

    While walking along through the property the manager stopped me and we happened into a great conversation with her as to her needs at this site. (I also, was given info on two other properties from her).

    As I am new I have a couple of specific questions to find out.

    1. The manager told me that the ground is claylike and drains poorly. They have put in irrigation drains and plan to put a few more in soon. Is there anything else that I could suggest.

    2. The manager wants me to provide a fertilizer program. She is looking for the basics...green grass Is there a site for zone 5 as far as a basic fertilizer program that anyone may know of?

    3. Mulch is everywhere at this site!! Around every tree...flower bed, stairs..foundations, etc. 3-4'' is the norm. Is there a site anyone knows of to get red cedar mulch delivered and for how much?? I have a few places around that provide it but the price isn't too great.

    4. Finally, Edging is to be done. I figure once a month should be sufficient. Does anyone think this is too often/not often enough? Any suggestions are very welcome

    Thanks in advance for your advice

    I went to three other places, 2 banks and one pharmacy...I was pleasantly surprised to find that these people were welcome to my bid. As a matter of fact one branch manager was happy to see me and told me of the horrors from her last landscaper. She really didn't have to tell me....i could see it for myself...what a mess...looks like some leads for me...i'll keep you posted later on that.
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    Drainage- Talk to a professional and see if Verticutting might help the situation...Also, core aeration would probably help some.

    Mulch- Don't mess with delivery. Red mulch leaves horrible red stains wherever it is dumped. If you have a decent sized twin axle trailer, build some sidewalls. A twelve foot trailer with 2 foot sides can easily haul 7 yards of mulch without a problem...A 16' can haul 10 yards. Working mulch out of a trailer is actually much easier than doing bag mulch. Also, get yourself a two wheeled,10 cubic foot mulch hauler- heaping, you can almost carry a half a yard at a time.

    Edging- Get a good stihl fc75 and go to town. Edge weekly around sidewalks and biweekly around beds and treewells. The key is to not let it get out of hand. My motto is...I've made it easy-now, let's keep it easy!
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    I agree with what Accu-cut has said. I woudl caution about one thing though. Alot of poeple, businesses included will tel you all about what they "WANT", however they will baulk at the price that it takes to provide it. Be cautious that you do not bid to low just to get the business. You do not want to work for free.

    You stated that the local yards that supply Mulch in your area are high. Have you talked to them about a contractors discount? I get bulk mulch for $3 less per yard than a normal retail customer because I am a contractor, adn tht is the only place I buy my mulch. It helps. You also have to be sure you are charging enough for the mulch, including picking it up, delivering to the job and spreading it out. Mulch is costly, so be sure "THEY" pay for it, not you.

    Good Luck. I have to start visiting as well...
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    I agree...that people will first baulk at the price...until they see a detailed description of what you actually have to do. However, this is a new townhouse development and the prop. mgr. has experienced several problems in dealing with the installation of everything from plantings to mulch. Everyone around here will look at price. I just depends on how much we want to earn and they want to keep in their pocket. But, I believe this place wants to sell based on their appearance to clients. I guess put in the bid and see what happens.

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