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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Mike84, May 26, 2004.

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    Im new in the business i do a couple of neighbourhood lawns and i was wondering what to do with this new account i got. The grass is upto my knees abuot 8-9inches and its thick grass. I only have a 22inch mower and an echo trimmer. How do i go abouts this job?

    Do i trim as much as i can first with the trimmer then rake all that out and start with the mower?


    Do i mow at the highest level, rake it and then re set the mower level and mow again?

    I dont know what to do?

    Any help would be great.


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    Buy a 48" walk behind with a 17 hp on it . No can do, well HOW thick is the grass? If it is real thick, string trim it down first. If you have a 6hp or better on the 22" than you may be able to run that across it a few times to mulch it up if it is thin. Walk it all first to make sure there is nothing in the grass.
    Make sure homeowner knows that it might not look great for a week or two. Also if this it a one time thing be sure to charge for the time to cut it a few times. Even if it is going to be an account, try to get a clean-up fee.
    If you stay in this business look into a commerical mower and lawns like this will not be a problem. Good luck with the business.
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    With just using like a 22", I would mow at the highest level and side discharge it if possible. This will be the easiest on the mower, unless of course you want to bag it all. bagging it all may get you the best looking results, so long as you have somewhere to haul all the grass away, or bag and leave it there. Be sure to charge the extra money for bagging, because doing the tall grass like that really adds up.

    If not going to bag, I'd side discharge, and go over it a couple times to get rid of any clumps.

    It will take a couple weeks to look nice again, especially if it is damp at all. I just did a yard like you described 3 weeks ago, and it's starting to come around. All this rain we are getting though is really making it grow!
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    Weed wack it first, then mow at highest setting and progress from there. Unless like Twins said, you feel like bagging all of that grass ( it will give the best results, but it's alot of work )

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