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    You are standing in the cleaners. The work you do is worth more than you are getting paid. His making est. 1800.00 a week and only paying you 300.00. If he will not go up on your saliary, tell him you'll rather work by the hour. To cut, service, and store his equipment is at lest worth 15.00 per hour while you are working. And remember good help is hard to find, i know first hand.If he can depend on you he will pay you that, if not start your on business.
  2. I pay somtimes $12 an hour for guys to sit in a truck.

    But you did agree to this and by law and you have proof on here, it is a binding contract.

    You are getting screwed, but that is beyond the point. The point is you are running this LCO. next season, go at it alone, or ask for much more money.

    I have to agree with every one on the more money, unless you missed telling us any thing.
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    It's a tough call because it is a personal call. Only you know your situation. At first I thought "start your own biz and work less but make more money" and then I got to thinking about how much it really costst to get into this biz and do it right: you need a truck, a decent mower, trimmer, blower, tools and knowledge for repair, time to get all the "part time" work and your other stuff done. If you are not carefull it becomes all consuming.
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    what would be an acceptable percentage for me? 40% and the rest to him? I will be personally accountable to the customers, they will be contacting myself only. My "buddy" will be totally out of the picture for the whole season except for taking his share. Your personal opinions will definitely have an impact on my upcoming negotations.
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    I'd start out proposing half the revenues or 50%.
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    dogger, your second post in this thread has answered your question for you. Read it back to yourself and think about what should be done. This position you are in is on the road to nowhere, at your expense. It's pretty clear to me. The guy is a clown and you're going to get in deeper, and screwed for more money than he already owes you.
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    He has the equiptment, truck, and customers. You will be runing his business for him. I would go for 50% of the revenue, that sounds acceptable to me. Also there would be no more "front money to cover the expenses", thats the real azz kicker. that sounds acceptable to me. You need to take a lot into consideration when you make your decision.
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    i would agree u ought to think about doing this kind of work for your self.later now and good luck
    i changed this as i think i gave some poor advice,so just deleted.
    to anyone who saw it.
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    What the heck is your "friend" doing? Does he have a second job that he takes advantage of his other friends? You could easily bring in $300 profit if you started up your own company next season. Without out you his business will fail and his customers will come to you. It seems like you know most of what you need to know to run it yourself. You will need some upfront money for some used equipment, but start small and work you way up. You can do it!!
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    You're going a little above and beyond the call of being an employee!

    I know I wouldn't do it, no one is 'doing you a favor by letting you work for them'. You might as well start your own business......
    of course your buddy will swear you stole all his customers, and ruined his business.

    MWS Lawn..

    Good to see ya posting here, Mike. :cool:

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