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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Without A Drought, Aug 19, 2010.

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    these pics are the result of using my voodoo sticks.

    since there was no access from either end i was forced to dowse, three spots DFO.

    i personally don't think that you are doing anything WRONG, you may have to remove the ground from the return path, move it a long way from the wire path.
    you may have to condition the ground with soapy water or with salt water.
    did you try the distorter for the 2 wire solenoid style locate, john malt as wall as myself have had luck with this method.

    you can always call me, if you don't have my phone number pm me and i'll reply tonight.

    if i don't have your email, pm that and i'll send the cable and pipe techniques pdf, it's my favorite.

    sorry, i'm a little groggy due to spray machines running all nite for the last five nites, tis the season




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    dig this trick, the coil in the solenoid distorts the signal causing the receiver to locate a peak signal so i made a coil that you can attach to either a single or 2 wires and locate the "hot" spot depending on conditions you may get a peak all the way to the end. notice the needle on the receiver. this will fit in a 1" pipe.

    btw, this does work and work well.




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    Jim...as always great info.

    One thing to add. Always coil on a phillips head.
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    i should have known that i couldn't get one by you argos,

    i had three wraps before i noticed, i'm so stupid :hammerhead:

    this was my first one though, #2 phillips

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