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hello <br>i am trying to expand my 4 accounts that i have. But being 15 the state wouldnt give me a licence till next year. How should i try to go after more accounts. with only a 22in crafsman push, a ehco string trimmer and a snapper blower. and no insurance.<br>any help would be great thanxs<br>alex<p>----------<br>If it works run with it<br>


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I know you want to operate your own biz right now but might I suggest a better way to make some money this summer? Get yourself a work permit and try to get on with a bigger lawn service, you will learn a heck of a lot about what you will eventually e doing and you will also condition yourself for the future business your going to have. I think you'll probably make a little more money this way tnat you could apply towards better equipment, which your gonna have to have. Its called getting an education at somebody elses expense! <p>This probably isn't what you wanted to hear but it sounds like your choices are limited until next year anyway. Move to Alabama and I'll put you to work!<p>Homer


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The above is good advice. Sometimes young men try to team up to work together but it usually ends up lop-sided with one person doing most of the work or something else doesn't work out. Learning while working for another company is worth more than several new accounts. <p>----------<br>Lanelle<br>

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hey. I'm 16 and a have my own busness i started a couple years ago but you don't need a lisense in my state to do landscaping. I would take everyones advice and go work for a landscaper this summer. I worked for someone else before and thats part of the reason i have a very sucsesful biz. By working for someone else you can learn tons of things like: how to fix equipment, how to run a busness, scheduling, what equipment to get, how to deal with emploies, if they do landscaping there's pages of stuff you can learn there. Also when you go on your own you will have connections with repiar shops, nurseries and everything else you can think of. Working for someone else is definitly the way to go in the begining. Hey you don't just open up a five star resurant and start serving food you never herd of do you. anyway good luck

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