A little Horror story

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by bobcat_ron, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. bobcat_ron

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    My brother has this nice looking '06 Ford F-350 Super Cab, daily driver and office to him, I have an '05 F-450 Superduty, daily driver and it hauls some heavy ass. He always tells me when ever I need to get my oil and fluids changed, why bother going through the process of making a service appointment at my local dealer and paying a little more, when you can take your truck anytime you want to a local "Jiffy-Lube" and get it done for a like 20 bucks less and it only takes 30 minutes. So why don't I do that?

    This is why:

    Last month he took his truck to one of those "fine" establishments, they even changed the oil in the rear axle, but the dumbass (who must have gotten his diploma online no doubt or even a Wyotech drop out) over filled the rear axle with oil and the wrong type, a month later, my brother noticed oil puking out of the outer axle seals and leaving nice puddles on his drive way and his brakes were fading something fierce. Now he had to make the appointment with the Ford Service shop, and he's on the hook for the bill - a whopping $1400 in repairs, new seals, new brakes and new oil (the right stuff)

    So like a sadistic S.O.B. that I am to my big brother, I just had to rag on him, "That's precisely why I go through all the hassle of getting things done right, the first time at my local dealer". If that was a Ford technician's fault, the Ford Service dealer would have paid for that bill, but oh no, Mr. Ambition has to save a whole $20 on a simple oil change. :laugh:

    Moral of the story, check the credentials of some of these "mechanics" at these places, good chance that they are just hacks. :laugh:
  2. KrayzKajun

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    Great advice!!
  3. Raven386

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    they stripped the oil plug on my truck. atleast I know they changed the oil :laugh:
  4. Gravel Rat

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    I don't let anybody else touch my truck except for the dealer or my mechanic friend. I do all the oil and fluid changes on my 03 F-450. I also do all the brakes, u joints, clutch etc. I use Delo 400 in my 6.0 and I changed the fluid in the diff with Pennzoil gear oil and Pennzoil in the transmission. My filters are all from Ford I won't use any other brand. The 6.0 fuel filter on the frame is a little bit of pain to change luckly only have to do that once a year.
  5. Sydenstricker Landscaping

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    My good friend works at lube stop, so I have no problem going there since he knows what he is doing and I get a discount, which is nice. Plus anytime I need to work on something real quick, I just go there and go down into the pit and can get under it with ease:) If he didnt work there though, I sure wouldnt go to them, much less any quick change place
  6. lawnguyland

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    I hate those stupid funkin places- stripped the oil plug on wife's car- try to sell a bunch of BS. Guys that work there are too dumb to work for a real mechanic. All they can do is change oil and even that's toooooo hard. I want to punch myself for even going to one-
  7. Chop Stuff Up

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    they had a thing on the news where jiffy lubes will tell you that you need additional work but never do it or they keep the same oil filter on or sell you on a coolant flush and they don't do it. My buddy took his range rover to walmarts for an oil change and they shorted it 3 quarts. Good thing the car told him before he blew the engine. Thats an expensive car there. A horror story with my truck is I got all new ball joints and after 11k the front end collapsed while driving. The one time I went to jiffy lubes they did the oil change and tried to sell me on new shocks saying mine were bad. I had just had them done a few weeks ago somewhere else.
  8. KTM

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    My mom called me up last year and said her car was leaking oil and to come look at it. drain plug was hand tight and car was a quart low after tightening it!
  9. Reassurance Property

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    They stripped every bolt except one on my skid plate!! geniuses!:confused:
  10. TrapperJohn

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    Oil change/fluid check on my 06 F350 at the dealer runs just about a hundred bucks. Not cheap, but the big fellow needs 15 quarts of oil. Money well spent. On the other hand, that truck just turned 75k miles, and it's been pretty much trouble free. So while I may pay a premium price for minor service, I'm not paying for major service.

    With a vehicle like that, major repairs get real expensive, real quick. Doesn't pay to cut corners on general maintenance.

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