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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by MMLawn, Feb 27, 2006.

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    This is a little job that we should have finished tomorrow. It is a private high school sports complex that is made up of a soccer field, softball field, baseball field and concession area and field house that we started last February. It is 7.2 acres and was bare land when we started. We have done all the turf work. The sprinklers, and fencing were done by others. We graded it, hydro-seeded, limed, and ferted it last March. We then came back in an aerovated (YES, aerovated NOT aerated), overseeded with another 1,000 pounds of Lesco seed and put down a heavy dose of Lesco 18-24-12 for winter. Today I came back in with 10 of my guys to prep and cut in the infields. Once we have them level and cut down we will fill hem with sand for the base and then final topdress them with 2" of brick dust on the infields. That will take 108 tons that cost me $30,000.00 alone:cry: :cry:

    Before you ask, yes just like my mowers the skid steer and gator (used to haul my lazy butt :laugh: ) are John Deere. The old IH tractor is an oldie but goodie that never misses a beat and only has 3,160 hours so I just can't bring myself to part with it.

    These are just some real quick pics with my phone. I'll get some better before and after ones from the digital up later.

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    This is a COOL piece of equipment I ran across and bought a while back. It is called a Georgia Buggy. It is a ride on "wheel barrow" that holds 1/2 cubic yard and has a hydro dump....sweeet.

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    cutting in the first base line

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    They have been making Georgia Buggies for many many years,I just got rid of one that was made of iron..I mean literally made of iron..the whole buggy dump
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    oh yeah, we do have the mowing contract too.... :laugh:
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    That looks like a very time consuming process.

    I watched a ball field constructed in my home town and had no idea how much when't into one.

    They used forms and laid clay down like making a sidewalk, then brought in topsoil and spread it around and up to the clay, took the forms out and left a crisp edge.

    Then seeded the whole area with 2 types of hybrid Bermuda.

    They do this like every 2 years down here in my city, but I don't know why so often.
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    Yep. We already had the clay down as the base for the fields...but it does require of course more work to get the turf growing right in it. The fields see a lot of wear and tear so that may be why they are redoing it so often. We are keeping a couple hundred pounds of repair seed at this location all the time for use as needed because of the expected wear.

    It is slow work but worth it as my final bill for this will be around $172,000.00, but remember that is over the course of a year....and I donated some of the work and materials and deeply discount the mowing contract because my kids attend this private school. You have to remember to always give back a little to others as your business grows.
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    Good luck with your project.
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    sweet looks like fun.

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