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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by GAskidsteer, Jul 5, 2006.

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    Hi guys,
    Just a short note here to give everyone a little background. I am not a landscaper/lawn maintenance guy, but, as usual, I'm close around --out in left field, so they tell me, LOL!! Anyhow, I do cleanups mostly, on residential and commercial properties. Trash, brush clearing, furniture (evictions),and heavier removals such as appliances, abandoned autos, outbuilding demolition, etc. I do some "first cuts" to get abandoned yards, vacant lots, etc. back under control. I currently run a 742 Bobcat with bucket, trash rake, grapple rake and ripper. Have 2 trailers- 14" and 20', 2 W200 4wd military Dodges, LT 9000 Ford tandem tractor, and various other tools, equipment, etc. I do not have any plans of expanding to lawn maintenance as I have gotten too old too soon!! This cleanup work seems to suit me real well, so I'm just going to stay in that niche. BUT, I have been reading a lot of the posts for some time now, and the site is both informative, interesting and entertaining! So, bear with me guys/gals, and thanks in advance for your time and patience regarding my impending "dumb questions" !!! LOL
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    welcome to lawn site:waving:
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    good morning, and welcome. look forward to seeing more of you!

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