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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by bigcountry01, Dec 15, 2008.

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    hey guys... Ive been in the landscape/landscape management busness for quite a while but im new to hardscapes. I would like to do some paver work at my house for learning and looks as well. Its just going to be a simple sidewalk to the front porch. aprox. 175sq'. I have done flagstone sidewalks before so i know how to dig down and lay the crushed rock. What i do not know is...where do i start...outside or inside of sidewalk? What do i use to cut the pavers when needed? and any other advice would be great...thanks
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    Ideal cutting would be a diamond blade wet saw or a demo saw. If you have you can use a cold chisel with the score and break method, but it sort of depends on the paver too. As for where to start it kind of varies by person. You do need to start at the bottom of a slope. For the layout you can either edge first and then screed the bedding sand or screed and then edge after border is done. There are advantages to each. Most will lay the inside first, then cut the edges, then lay the border. There is a lot more to it than that so go to ICPI website and start reading up on the tech articles. Good Luck
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    What i find works best is lay the sidwalk out with extra and then lay the border over, go along the inside of the border with a pencil and then cut... pull up the extra walkway and drop the border into place.... I now own a saw but i have rented in the past from home depot for about 50 bucks for the day and extra for the blade and the amount you take off the blade... I put the rental in the price of the job and now that i have my own i still include most equipment use in jobs because a blade will last just under a season and there $175, helps with replacement cost even though it doesnt cover all cost...


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    when i lay sidewalks with a basic pattern, ex: running bond with sailor course border. i determine measurement of total width, and back that up by laying out a small section on the ground or on top of the pallet and measuring. after ground prep i lay out and fasten one edge, i cut a 2x4 that sits on top of the edge, but has a recessed cut that is the exact width of the sidewalk, and exact depth to screed the sand (looks like a wide "T"). that allows you to install the edge quickly, and you can screed the sand quickly, and consistently. Then fasten the other edge, and screed sand, then lay the border, and fill in. fill the joints with polymeric sand, and then tamp, fill joints again and tamp as needed, wet the sand, and pretty much good to go.

    thats a very basic pattern and layout, curves make it a little more difficult, but basic skills will get your through it. pulling grass' advice is very good for curves, much easier then trying to mark and cut every little piece if the border is already in. i'm no expert, i read a lot of these posts with very challenging installs, and i'm very jealous, but learning. i like to install sidewalks, and patios, and i hope my starter advice will help.

    i started out renting a brick saw, on a stand, from a local rental shop. some rentals co's have wet saws like used for tile, i prefer dry, its a lot easier on your hands. for the cost to rent, its a no brainer.

    i think everyone has a little different way of doing things, and surely you will develop your own.

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