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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by StBalor, Jul 29, 2006.

  1. StBalor

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    I pull up to my clients house last week and she has a car blocking the gate to her back yard And another car on her lawn. The front yard is pretty small so the car takes up almost half. I knock on her door, which i usually do not do and the client answers the door. I ask if she can move the cars and She asks me to skip it cause she does not have the keys to the vehicles. So i leave. now this week my truck dies on me, i been meaning to get a motor for it but kept putting it off due to being really busy this year. so i go to the car lot, put a down payment on a truck but cannot pick it up till monday due to it needing a part for the brakes. Well anyway this client mentioned above calls me and wants her grass cut immediatly, i tell her what is going on and that i will be there tuesday or wednesday. She goes off, telling me that her grass is a foot tall and it needs cutting and she can't wait that long. I tell her if she needs to get someone else to cut her grass i understand. She says she will probably have too. So i said ok and tell her that she can just mail me last weeks money. She goes off again, telling me that i did not cut it. i told her, but i came and it was not my i could not. I then begin to tell her if she had moved the cars i could have cut it and it would not be as bad now. She is still ranting. I told her how would she like it if she went to work and her boss said to skip work today? and how she would like her check being a day short? And then it happens, the part that pissed me off, she says "Come on now, it's only grass cutting" I went off, i told her this is how i make my living, i cannot let people be skipping cuts on me or i will not make any money. Then she says, "What, do you expect me to pay your bills?" Again, really pissed, I told her well this is how i make my living. After this i just tried to get off the phone, she says she will see me Monday or tuesday. I told her it would be more like wednesday or thursday. And we left it at that.
    Sorry fo the long post, did not know how to get my stoery across any shorter. I needed to vent.
  2. Palmer'sLS

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    I get this often....i hate it...if i only carried a gun in the truck...............:laugh:
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    as per advice given to me, DROP HER.
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    Sometimes I wish I had a gun too, though I often wonder who I would use it on; myself or the pita customer. Definitly tells you the customers thoughs about you! If you continue with this customer for the reamainder of the season, This customer would not be asked back next year! JMO
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    Keep us informed on the out come. We are a low level service industry and a lot of people think that it is a 12 yr old job. That's why there are a lot of 12 yr okds in my area mowing the neighbors grass for $5-10. actually costs the parents more in gas. N ever sharpen blades, clean deck, they damage fences, etc....

    I spoke to quite a few LCO out there that are doing it for beer money and they tell their clients this. No wonder why we look dumb.

    I'd drop her unless she pays well. I put up with a lot if the money is right.
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    charge her double this week, since she chose to skip last week.....
  7. StBalor

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    I have been cutting this ladies yard for about 7 years. Never had a propblem other than her always trying to get something extra for nothing. She had family in town, thats why the cars were on the lawn and blocking the gate. But i had already made my mind up on this client earlier and now this confirms it. This winter i will be sending her a letter along with alot of my clients stating a set monthly price. No more price per cut for me. I see this 1 client quiting me over this, but i do not care. I have had it with her. Although i will not quit her mid season, i will make it to where she will most likely quit me. Or she will stay on my terms and at a price that i will be happy to keep her.
  8. Likestomow

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    So You Charged Her For Not Mowing. You Have To Say Ok! I Will Be Back Next Week. She Did Lose Her Keys Right! For Her Calling You. You Have To Keep It Short And No Matter What Don't Let It Get To Heated Just Say This Is Getting No Where! And I Have To Hang Up Now Good By! Then Take Her Off The List. Wait For Your Billing Date And Bill Out. I Move 6-7 People Off My List For Same Thing
  10. lawnboy dan

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    drop her and get a back up vehicle

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