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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by ZX12R, Jul 30, 2011.

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    Are you sure its the same stuff? I have hit it with the wide end of a pic,and it did not break it. Granted,I only hit it once,but,it saved me from cutting thru low voltage lighting wire.

    I am not sure abot it being rated for underground,but, I doubt it.but,I would not think so.

    Someone asked why it was blue earlier.Blue signifies power circuits. they make yellow for communications cables,and red for fire alarms.

    I use it for low voltage wire in areas where I may have to dig in certain areas of beds. I also use it around trees where I have landscape lighting and/or inground speakers as a precaution should I have to replace plants. When going across a lawn with LV wire,I am down 10"-12" in sch 80 even though the wire is rated direct burial.I want to give any critters underground a hard time in case they decide they want to chew thru wire.:)
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    Thanks for the enlightment,I did not know that.
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    Here's a pic I took yesterday.All cleaned up,added topsoil,and seeded.I am waiting for 2 valves to get here,so,for now,I have to turn them on manually.....no big deal. Had them on tonight so the seed won't dry out.Made final adjustments but I have to dig around 2 heads and turn the turret as I am a little off on the left hand side. I am also going to go up one nozzle size on roughly half of the heads.Love the 5004 Plus over the PGP though.

    Thanks for all your input!!

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    Out of couriousity , how many man hours , zones , and heads was that job ? How much soil did you have to bring in ? Want to see how it compares to plowing in pipe .
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    Man hours would be very difficult to answer as I did not keep track and several other things were being done than what the picture shows.Three hose bibs were added to the back yard ....one is a bed in the ground,another is on the end of the fence,and the last is on the side of the shed.Wire was also run for the addition of inground speakers and 10 guage wire was also run for additional LV lighting against the fence and around the swingset.Behind that fence is additional grass,so,I ran 3 additional zones for landscaping and the lawn.

    I will give you a general idea of the time and material iit took.The first day I trenched which took me 6 hours in the nasty heat.I spent about another 5 hours chopping and cutting out roots that the trencher would't/couldn't go thru.That also included digging out all those rocks. Another hour was spent dumping the rocks in the woods 200" back.All the above is for the back lawn(what u see in the last pic). This area consists of 4 zones and 16 heads for the lawn.A fifth zone is there for future landscaping against the fence which will be 5 or 6 sprays. Roughly 500 " of poly was used consisting of 100' of 1" and 400' of 3/4". I used 1.5 yards of topsoil.

    I worked all day for the first 3 days after that,I worked on it when I came home from work till dark.

    Behind the fence are 3 zones and 300' of 3/4" poly. .The poly is in the ground but I have it capped in a valve box because the landscaping is not done yet.

    Hope that helps but I see no camparison to pulling poly.Very little mess and very little if any topsoil.
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    Heres part of a freeze damaged back flow I had from 2 years ago. Turned a good ball valve into an inground hose bib.:)

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    Here are a couple of pics of the manifold. I had some extra pavers left over and decided to make a box around the valve boxes.


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    lol @ dura fitts

    but other than than that nice

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    I've never done anything like that before. You've got one up on me ZX12R.
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    What's up with the weenie shallow boxes? :)

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