A little update on the 26 EFI Exmark, kinda long

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Keith, Aug 26, 2003.

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    Well as you probably know I have been having ongoing problems with my 26 EFI EPS Lazer :eek: It's still dead and think I have eliminated the coils from the equation. I swapped them Friday night and the same cylinder is still dead :( I checked the oil after 3 hours since being changed and it has made oil, or rather it appears to have :rolleyes: Seems like the fuel is washing right through into the crankcase since there is no spark. I noticed this the last oil change as well.

    My concern with this mower is the engine mainly. If you have a engine washing the cylinders with this much fuel, what are you doing to the durability? Will it last 2000 hours? Maybe a 1000? Either way I feel the longevity has been compromised. But, heck, by then it will be out of warranty anyway :rolleyes: Also, how many more times in the shop is it going to take them to get it fixed? I talked with someone at Exmark today on the phone and they want it back to the last dealer who did repairs. He did say Roberts' Supply, the distributor has offered to pick it up so I don't have to make the two trips (100 miles round trip each) to take it back. I guess I should be grateful for that. I still have no idea that next time will make it perfect.

    The worst part about this whole mess is that I have to explain this POS to people. I have customers every week and ask where the new mower is. I don't use it unless I have a lawn that requires it. I have recommended Exmark to countless numbers of people, and it has come back to embarrass me. Recently I had an old friend of my Dad's come up to us while we were at a mower shop. He was looking at other brands and I suggested he go elsewhere and look at Exmarks. He bought a Great Dane instead and as luck would have it, I ended up cutting a lawn across the street from his 4 months later. Two separate weeks (two when it was not in the shop :rolleyes: ) he witnessed this temperamental POS act up. The dude had to look at me like an ----- for recommending this mower to him :eek:

    I guess I expected some kind of resolution that has never come. This damn thing has screwed up my business this summer. I like to act like the big shot, nothing bothers me. I got plenty of backups. Well, no, I don't. There are certain lawns that only this mower does well and I need it. I gave up one the other day because I felt I could no longer do the job I should. I used to look at my work and think it looked as good as it could and hopefully better than anyone else's. I look at some lawns now and think "someone else could do better" :eek: Not all of them, but there are a few. I also "hide" it if I see other mowing crews in the area. As much as I like to stand behind Exmark, I can't do it no more :mad: When will they fix it? This time? Next time? When?

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    You should Never have to Rely on 1 Mower to run your business.

    Occasional Problems are a Given even w/ new units.

    Consider this a lesson learned.
  3. He does not have just one mower.

    You comment was inappropriate.

    So I guess, you should have problems with your "new units" that's what you said bunny bread...

    Further more this unit is not a new design, came out in '99.

    Well Keith, check the CDI, and call kohler, don't hesitate anymore.

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    You are not paying attention.

    IMO one mower gone bad should not affect your biz.

    Regardless, the issue should have been resolved but not surprisingly has not. I've had New Units go bad from the get go & it always takes time to resolve.
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    That's a bad deal, I feel for you. I had many problems last year and the year before that with a Toro I had. Nothing I had to take to the dealer to fix, but small things that kept it out of action for the rest of the day or week. It's quite embarassing, I'm with you there. Being recognized as a professional who has moody equipment that doesn't run looks very unprofessional to the customer or the passer-by. Good luck getting it fixed!
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    I Have emailed Exmark Again On this. I Told them If It Was Me This would Be In Court And The Reason Is NOBODY Has Offered You A LOANER.
    I think Thats The Least They Could Do.
    As For Ultimate Lawn, You should Have Back Up But Not everybody Has The Money. I Have Had No Problems With the 02 None At All. But I Would expect A Loaner for Something Thats Taking two Months Or More.
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    exmark said they would take care of my machine I took it to roberts and all i was told is that i rolled my machine and they werent going to fix it . my dixie rolled into it on the trailer and raised the handle a little but there is no way this bent the frame on the mower hopefully they have a brighter guy to look at your machine as for me no more exmark
  8. Seeing, that I have actually talk to Keith, your assumptions are not what they seem.
    Hard to keep taking a mower to get fixed to someone an hour away and still run a business. That's why Keith swapped the coils out himself. Dealers are not always the best for diagnostic repairs. If it won't do it for them, they can't find what needs fixing.

    So with your repetitive rudeness, time for you to vanish.
    Does this mean you are certifiable?

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    You missed the second part of that quote Miss Manners.

    Regardless, I would not be surprised if we Hear about a New engine Soon.

    Keep Complaining.
  10. John Gamba

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    Wait Till You see the New Mower For 2004. Thats All I Have To Say

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