A loaner policy that makes sense to me.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by mountainjogger, Aug 22, 2013.

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    ^^^^ I agree with this statement ^^^^^
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    I will add this. On some cases a loaner to a LCO will result in a sale. For example Z comes in for repair, it is told don't have a Z for loaner but take this StandOn. LCO likes the loaner buys one like it in the future. Homeowner will say that was nice let me buy it in 10 years when my other is worn out. So loaners can be selling points for the future. This works in the car business, I know it 1st hand. Wife takes car down to get work on and gets a loaner, next thing I know we have bought a car just like the loaner.
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    Makes sense to me. That's basically the same policy my dealer has but not as rigid. I elected to buy from a Scag Gold dealer because he had a loaner fleet. Although I am considered residential, I told them it was important to have a replacement if the new mower went down because I cut 8 acres, and its not easy to skip a mow. The dealer told me that if they have a loaner available they would give it to me, but commercial gets preference.
    When the mower (Cheetah) had about 25 hours the front anti scalp wheels came off while mowing and were destroyed , and when they went under the deck, they did a number on the blades. Called the dealer told him what happened, said all loaners were out with commercial guys, and said there is nothing he could do about a loaner. I understood and didn't create a fuss because I figured the commercial guys took preference. Instead of a loaner, the Dealer came, picked up the mower, put new anti scalps on front, sharpened blades, and had the mower back within three hours.
    Pays to buy from a dealer with great service. I looked at other dealers before buying, and selected the Gold dealer because of the service. I know with other dealers in the area, I would have had to load the mower, take it to the dealer, wait a few days to have it fixed, and then go back to get it.
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    Understand that in the abstract, everything else being equal you think all customers should be treated the same.

    But let me ask you this. Your homeowner mower breaks down right at the end of your weekly mowing. Your yard is done, but your mower is going to need repairs that will take 3 days. You call the dealer, and he says bring it on in. We've got a loaner.

    When you get there, the dealer says Sid's Lawn Service With A Smile just called. Sid' ztr tore up. He needs the loaner or he is going to loose 10 accounts.

    Are you telling me that you would say that you don't care, you want to take the loaner even though you don't need it? And Sid does?

    I am sure your answer would be "Let Sid have it, I don't need it; my lawn is already mowed; and I don't want to wreck his business just so I can say he did not get better treatment than me."
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    Let's not kid anyone here though.

    The loaner priority for the LCO first is largely based on getting repeat business much more than the fact that he makes his living with the machine. It's good business sense for a dealer to take care of someone who buys new equipment every couple/few years if you want to keep them coming back. Getting them back out into the field quickly to keep them happy is just one way to make sure they come back when it's time to buy again. Getting their own machines up and running quickly is the other. If it were based soley on the need of LCO's so they can keep making money, all dealers would offer loaners. Many don't for anyone though, LCO and homeowner alike.
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    I agree. How many LCO's would ever come back to a dealer if they had to wait 3 days for repair just because of home owner machines being repaired first? The dealer would loose that LCO's business from them on. Also, I'm guessing from a revenue stand point LCO's make up 80 to 90% of their business because most home owners purchase consumer riding mowers vs $5k plus machines.
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    100% truth. The dealer I buy the majority of my equipment from even has a sign on the counter in his service dept. that says commercial buyers service takes priority over homeowners. If ever I've needed a repair they usually turn it around in less than a day, and for that reason I will continue to do business with them
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    I'd kill to have a dealer with a loaner at ALL! Mine's been in the shop 13 days so far - NOT HAPPY the amount of money I'm losing. No loaner, tough luck! Still waiting on a part that TORO HQ was out of stock. I'm thinking about switching all mowers out for different brand.
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    Home owner here:

    I support most of what have been said here, and agreed that the LCO gets first shot at the loaner.

    I would also support the idea that if the home owner's mower is to be in the for an extended time frame (beyond 14 days), providing the loaner is available, the home owner should be allowed to pick the unit up in the morning, go cut his grass and return the mower to the shop the same day. I feel that would be a very fair, and acceptable way of resolving that issue.......

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    This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.First off the difference between a commercial customer and a residential is zero and that is why a loaner should have no bearing on if you make a living with the mower or its for your own personal use and why? Because you both are customers.This is why a store (large store) has a RETAIL counter and a WHOLESALE/COMERCIAL counter.You now have both personal use customers and buisness owners taken care of without intermingling.Money is money and it has no bearing on how you make it, what matters is that as a customer or an owner operator your both spending the same so your both entitled to the same. What you do or dont do with the loaner is not the customers issue.

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